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The enclosed list of active, associate and junior members of the Obsidian Club has been compiled by ex-Membership Chairman Jean Hjelte, and ex-Secretary Doris Sims. Since addresses are continually changing and new members are always joining, the new Secretary would appreciate being notified of these changes as they occur.


The new board presents the officers for the coming year chosen in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution:

President . . . . . . . Mike Stahl
Vice-President. . . .Clarence Scherer
Treasurer . . . . . Ray Cavagnaro
Secretary . . . . . Adeline Adams
Jean Hjelte


Trips . . . . . . . . Keith Brunig
Entertainment-Mary Castelloe-Helen Smith
Library . . . . . Nellie McWilliams
Membership . . . . . . Jean Hjelte
Search . . . . . .Bailey Castelloe
Building. . Doran McKee-Louis Waldorf
Ski . . Clarence Bankhead-Doris Sims
Lodge. . . . . . . . Dorr Hamlin
Climbing. . A1 Lindley
Publications . . . . .
Camera . . . . . . . Paul Buchner
Scientific . . . . . . Ruth Onthank
Auditing. . . . . .Clarence Scherer
Outing . . . . Dale Carlson-Ray Sims

Due to the heavy duties of the Secretary, both Adeline Adams and Jean Hjelte are sharing the work as Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, respectively.

Call Adeline. . . . . at 5-6526 1939 Alder St.
Call Jean . . . . . at 5-7185 83 N. Adams St.

MIKE STAHL New President

I WAS THINKING . . . . .

You know, I thought the President of the Obsidians could be just sort of a figurehead, so to speak. Well, he is, in a way. There seems to be quite a bit of figuring to do, giving a bit of exercise to the head.

This Committee business, for example.... I know there are plenty of people in the Club who would make fine Committee members, and who are willing, even eager to take part. But when the board tries to get Committee Chairmen and the Chairmen try to get Committees, everybody is just too busy.

Now this isn't your fault, folks. You've probably already mentioned that you'd like to do something. But we keep forgetting at board meetings who you are and what job you would like. The old figurehead isn't working.

So please, don't be bashful! If you want to serve on a Committee, just phone the Chairman (there's a list of 'em somewhere in this Bulletin) and ask for a job. If the Committee is already made up,there is always a need for alternates, or perhaps you can just work with the Committee -- no glory maybe, but just as much fun!

It would be fine, I think, if every member had some part in the planning of the Club's activities -- helped make the wheels go 'round. Then maybe your President could be that easy--going figurehead I was dreaming about.


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