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1951 Happy New Year


January - February - March

Jan. 7 Ski at Willamette. George Korn has something up his sleeve besides snow!

Jan. 14 Ski at Santiam. No Host Giant Slalom. Five-man boys team and three on girls team from each club. Come ski and see the fun.

Jan. 21 Goodpasture Island. Louie Waldorf always has an interesting trip for us.

Jan. 28 Weyerhaeuser Mill. Henry Carlson says it is closed on Sunday; but an evening tour during the week could be arranged.

Feb. 4 Filter Plant. The Hayden Bridge plant is now in operation and will be very interesting.

Feb. 11 North Coburg Mts., Thelma Watson will show us some lovely country from a new angle.

Feb. 18 Spencer Butte. Frank Sipe, Ldr. An early conditioner to take the

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How do you suppose we would spend this New Year's season if we knew it was to be our last one on earth under a free flag? Might not the jollity and merry-making give way to a more sober commemoration of that first Christmas time in our efforts to experience more fully the real significance of the Son of God's coming to help a weary world?

For almost two thousand years, the ideal of brotherly love has been held high by freedom-loving peoples. In almost half of the world it has been challenged and snuffed out in a twinkling of time's eye. But out of the darkness can grow a clearer conception of why this season is best celebrated humbly; why the best gifts -- the most lasting gifts, are the gifts of human toil and sacrifice.

In this New Year, with so much that is already ours, and with the warm glow of new-found purpose, we can all of us say - deeply, heartily, and with ringing sincerity to each other:


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