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The John Craig Memorial Ski Race

Obsidians will be proudly showing off their corner of "God's Earth", to skiers from all over the Northwest, on the morning of April 28. Glen and Ray Sims, end Bailey Castelloe, with assistance from Doris Sims, PNSA Ski Touring Chairman, will lead a special tour across the McKenzie Pass Highway, packing the trail for the competitors in the JOHN CRAIG MEMORIAL SKI RACE, who will follow four hours later.

The Obsidians, working with the Tri-Pass Ski Club, sponsors of the race, will be giving the non-racer the opportunity to see the magnificent McKenzie country under its white blanket - making it possible for more to share in the wonderful spirit of this type of skiing. Also, through the combined attraction of tour and race, it is hoped to familiarize more skiers with touring.

The racers, scheduled to leave the starting gates at Windy Point, east of the Pass, at 11 a.m., will run approximately 18 miles, finishing at Alder Springs, on the west side. One of the most interesting classes will probably be that of the veterans, men over 35. It is hoped that the entry list will include some of the names of the men who make records in the McKenzie country

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Trips For April

APRIL 8 - MT. PISGAH from the southeast. This is an easy hike which will help get us in condition for real hiking later. Dorothy Scherer and Ian Walker will lead.

APRIL 15 - CAP HAGEN, Qualifying. Near Nimrod in the McKenzie area. Keith Brunig, Leader.

APRIL 22 - SEAVEY BUTTE in the Coburg Mts. Frank Sipe, Leader. A delightful climb, with spring flowers coloring the hills.

APRIL 29 - LAIRSON ROCK, Qualifying. John King will lead this one, across the river from Oakridge. Here's your chance to follow in the footsteps of a KING.

MAY 6 - EAGLE ROCK, McKenzie River country. Ray Sims, leader.


The schedule of hikes and climbs for the entire year is enclosed with the Bulletin this month. Put it in a safe place for future reference and join us in exploring the beauties of Nature in our State. Bring your friends with you. Remember, everyone is welcome. Extra Copies are available at Hendershott's or from Committee members.

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