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It is that time of the year that our thoughts are of our friendships . . goodwill is in our hearts and plans for the new year are filled with determination. So on behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to extend to all of you sincere best wishes for the Holidays.

Our club is founded on our friendships with our fellow hikers, and has been fostered by each member's loyalty and willingness to help with the various tasks in the administration of our club. Throughout the Christmas season and the coming year, may the Peace of God and the friendships we enjoy, endure with you all.

Clarence Scherer

.......about NEW YEAR'S EVE

Plan to celebrate with your obsidian friends. WHERE? Why right here in Eugene in the River Road Club House (remember the nice large hall and the wonderful fireplace?) . . WHEN? at 8:30 P.M., New Year's Eve, Wednesday, December 31, 1952. WHY? Because a New Year's celebration is traditional with the Obsidians, and this one is going to be a dandy.

You won't be amazed at the fun we will have because Obsidians always have a JOLLY time when we get together, but we know you will be both "pleased and surprised" at the plans your social committee have made. Just come dressed to have a very informal time as a kid perhaps, or a hiker, or - well, whatever you do have around the house to put you in the mood for a fitting evening to send old Mr. 1952 on his way to History, and to welcome Little Mr. 1953 with his promise of a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

The admission--gosh--it's only a few sandwiches, salad or dessert and a piece or two of silver to jingle in a soup plate. Wonderful games and fun have been planned, with favors and kissin at midnight (wow). So come on folks, help make this New Year's Eve one we will always refer to as . . .

THE New Year's Party

To properly plan our program and refreshments we must ask your cooperation in signing up at Hendershott's not later than Monday the 29th of December. Your friends are most welcome, but please sign them up before the 29th.

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