The Obsidian Bulletin, January 1952, p. 1

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For any one of us to consider that we have had a successful year as an Obsidian, we must have had a season full of fun, adventure and good companionship. For all of us, I believe 1951 was just that sort of year, and I am certain 1952 will be just as good or better.

This year, as in the past, our club is starting its new year with committees which promise many activities throughout the entire season. For the committees to be successful in carrying out their various events or activities, it is first necessary for all of us to attend as many of their planned trips or social functions as possible. Remember, to attend is to have fun.

I can think of no event sponsored by the Obsidians which does not offer fun and good companionship. Yes, even that awful work trip to the cabin always offers a pleasant weekend which many have discovered evidently, for it is always well attended. So let's not lose sight of the fact that all activities planned in our club are planned for our enjoyment. Also remember there is always someone hoping they will see you at the activities just as you hope to see certain others there.

This thing is beginning to sound like a lecture. Well, maybe it is. I just wanted to lecture to you that for your own best possible enjoyment throughout 1952 -- attend as many fun-packed Obsidian hikes, climbs, picnics and parties as you have time for.

Dale Carlson


Keith Brunig, chairman of Trips Committee, lists the following hikes for the balance of the month and the first week an February:

Jan. 20 - SPRINGFIELD PARK. George Jack, Leader. This is a short hike on the hills south of Springfield.

Jan, 27 - SEAVY BUTTE. Henry Jeppeson, Leader. An interesting climb in the Coburg area. A good view of Eugene and west toward Fern Ridge Lake. All day trip.

Feb. 3 - FILTRATION PLANT. Merle Bailey, Leader. A conducted tour of our filter plant and Walterville power plant.


An Invitation is extended to all members of the Club to attend the wedding of Jean Hjelte and Walt Banks, both outstanding Obsidians. The ceremony will be at 3:00 P. M., Saturday, January 26th, at the Congregational Church in Eugene.

The very best wishes of the Club to them.

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