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Eleven of our trips this summer have been planned with the help of the Scientific Committee. These trips will be into parts of our High Country along the boundaries of Wild or Wilderness Areas,and we intend to examine them, as well as possible, to determine whether or not they should be included in the Areas.

The northernmost section is between Clear Lake and the present Mt. Washington Wild Area. It is mostly lava beds, with some fertile "islands". We wish to determine whether this section, including the east shore of Clear Lake, should be included in the Wild Area.

On the southern boundary of the Mt. Washington Wild Area are the Tenas Lakes, which we wish to explore, and the Scott Trail and Deer Butte section. The Scott Trail is of historical significance, as well as being in a fine recreational area. Deer Butte, being on the ridge above the McKenzie Highway, would be better protected if it were included in the Wild Area.

Then, on the south side of the highway, are Rainbow Creek and Rainbow Falls. These at present, are part of the boundary of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area, but are threatened by logging along the Foley Ridge Road. We want to examine this country closely, and also the area to the north of the road along the top of Foley Ridge, to see if logging there threatens to become visible from the highway.

The inclusion of the country between Horse Creek and the South Fork in the Wilderness Area is still undecided. Our Fourth of July trip from Frissell Crossing to McKenzie Bridge follows the Olallie Trail through this country. This will be a wonderful trip, and we'd like a large number of Obsidians on it. Members of other Western Outdoor Clubs are being invited as well as the Forest Service and Forestry Ecologists from Oregon State College.

The Forest Service plans to create a Wild Area around, but not including Waldo Lake. We want to look over this area too and two trips, the Mt. Fuji Trip and the Waldo lake trip are scheduled for this purpose.

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Trips For May

MAY 11 - SILVER CREEK FALLS - Dorr and Myrtie Hamlin, leader . This trip is traditional with Obsidians and each year is one of the most popular. A lovely hike as far around the 9 falls as you want to go, and a potluck dinner afterward like only the Hamlins can "cook up"!

MAY 18 - ROOSTER ROCK - Dick Mengler, leader. A peak not far from Upper Soda on the Santiam.

MAY 25 - RAINBOW FALLS - The Onthanks, leaders. Rainbow Falls is tantalizing unknown. See more about it on page 3.

MAY 30-JUNE 1 - 3 DAYS-Henry Jeppesen, Ldr. Headquarters at Obsidian Cabin - with trips out from there. Or, if you like, sunny hours of picnicking and relaxing. Watch for announcements.


A Special Meeting has been called for MONDAY, MAY 19TH to vote on several important items of vital interest to every member of the club.

BE SURE TO BE THERE! It begins with a potluck dinner at 6:30 (DAY-LIGHT SAVING TIME) at the Washington Street Recreational Center.

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