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Fall Activities


Dale and Henry Carlson, Leaders

Two and one-half days in new territory! Mink Lake Basin is the locale and we will camp by a cabin at Cliff Lake. Plans are being made to have sleeping bags and personal equipment packed in by horses. Each person should include a packsack in his duffle as it will be necessary to carry out our own equipment. Each must furnish and prepare his own food, so plan carefully. Don't forget fishing tackle and swim suit. The fishing is excellent and the water fine! For further information see sign-up sheet at Hendershott's, QUICK! Duffle will be collected Friday.

SEPT. 7 - HISTORIC SCOTT TRAIL. Milton Koupal, Leader. Have you ever travelled the lower part of historic Scott Lake to Clear Lake road? The trips committee has scheduled such a walk for Sunday, September 7th. It is the tenth of the Wilderness area exploration trips. See page 3, Column 1, for complete story.

SEPT. 14 - WALDO LAKE. Roy Temple, Leader. This is the last of the Wilderness area hikes - from Gold Lake to the lower end of Waldo Lake.

SEPT. 21 - MYSTERY TRIP. George Korn, Leader. Another of those exciting, interesting excursions with a surprise ending that only George could dream up!

SEPT. 28 - DEER BUTTE. Bailey Castelloe, Leader.


The grandeur of the Wallowa "Wonderland" unfolded again to the Obsidians, as the last of the thirty-two 1952 campers, who wound their way up the nine miles of trail - some on foot and others on horseback finally rested at beautiful Horseshoe Lake. The committee of Glen, Gene, Mike and Ray had the camp "practly" finished, assisted by Florence, Doris, Margaret, Jimmie and Flo, as the last of the personnel arrived late Monday, August 4th.

The first meal that evening, under the brand new "piped version" table with overhead covering, gave all the new-comers a chance to become acquainted as the threatening clouds made us disperse with the evening's campfire.

Tuesday was summer-like again and the afternoon's trip, led by Miriam Yoder, saw twenty-nine trip down the trail, first to Lee Lake, then Douglas, and finally to Moccasin. Then back to camp we came to a grand meal by our able cook Mrs. Trowbridge, "Flo".

Wednesday, under the able leadership of our president Mike, seventeen started, but Blanche, Jane, Gerry and Larry stopped at Mirror Lake, while the rest trudged their way up the snowy side of Eagle Cap. The summit was reached at 1:30 and Mike, Gene, Merle, Lois, Dale, Henry, Ray C. and Ray S., Catherine, Luhr, Margaret, Anne, Lloyd, and Glen registered.

Thursday was a day dedicated to just loafing and fishing; but Friday the Matterhorn was scheduled and sixteen signed

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