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God bless you at Christmas and grant you all peace and happiness this Holy Season

For Christmas

RING OUT, silver bells! The traditional symbols of Christmas will enhance the setting of our Annual Party, to be held at the Washington Recreation Center, on Sunday, December 20th at 6:30 p.m. All Obsidians, their families and friends are invited to this traditional and enjoyable event. The Spirit of Good Will and Fellowship seem to follow us all through the year with memory of this party.

Dessert will be served at 6:30 p.m.: Each family attending is asked to bring a cake decorated with the Christmas theme, or you may bring Christmas cookies. You may wish to get together with another party in planning your dessert. Ice cream, coffee and punch will be served by the entertainment committee.

A Christmas program will be presented consisting of Christmas songs, stories, the children's program, and Santa Claus - to bring a gift for each child (gift to be supplied by parent).

RESERVATIONS SHOULD BE MADE by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18. Call Nellie McWilliams at 5-1422, or Margaret Markley at 4-0716, or Mary Castelloe at 4-5168.

The entertainment committee wants to see all Obsidians at this Sunday Party.

For New Year's

Be seeing you at the Obsidian New Year's Party where there will be lots of exciting games, folk and square dancing and short hikes -- oh yes, eats too, are on the agenda for the big two day party start ing at 9 p.m. Thursday, December 31, with a BIG FUN-PACKED EVENING. All those with big whopping lies will have the floor. PREPARE NOW --- after the biggest liar has been determined, dancing will commence -- lasting until midnight.

(Note: As part of the entertainment a Television Show is being planned. ...A "Cinerammer Drammer"...... or a "Spectre of Spectacles". (Better bring your dark glasses!)

THEN, with all the noise we can muster, we will welcome in 1954. Then a very wonderful midnight supper will follow.

On Friday morning breakfast will be served at 9 a.m. Then a morning of hiking and running around will follow. Bring your boots - bring your skis!

The cost of all this is only $4.00. (Under 15 years - $2.00). Folks may come up for the dinner on New Year's day and then the cost will be just $2.00 for the dinner.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? We assure

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