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Congratulations to the Obsidian organization on its Silver Anniversary. It is something we can all be proud of --- "Obsidianing" part or all of the 25 years has been a bright spot in the lives of each of us. To me, the Obsidians represent a different kind of organization than I have ever known - - truly an organization that exists by "doing" -- participants rather than spectators --a feeling of close unity and comradeship not experienced in other groups -- an organization where leadership is exercised more through committee action, trips and climbs leadership than from the "elective" offices. The more we participate in trips and climbs, the more richly we feel rewarded for our efforts.

Throughout the past 25 years, it is reasonable to assume that each member who has taken some part - great or small - in Obsidian activity has felt that he or she is a better person for having had the experience.

We will gather on April 18 to pay honor to the Obsidian founders, the past presidents, and the membership in general who have contributed to our success the past 25 years.

Clarence Scherer


1 Elmer R. Adams
2 Kathryn Agee
3 Clifford R. Baird
4 Carl R. Baker
5 Frances E. Baker
6 Jack W. Benefiel
7 Glen Bessonette
8 Edward Best
9 Frank R. Bouck
10 John F. Bovard
11 Lee Bown
12 Dr. V. L. Brooks
13 Percy W. Brown
14 Irvin D. Custer
15 B. Dot Dotson
16 Tom J. Flippin Jr.
17 Prince J. Glaze
18 Mozelle Hair
19 Henry S. Howard
20 Earl O. Immel
21 Frank Jenkins
22 Sidney C. Jenkins
23 Lyle T. Kelling
24 Sydney A. King
25 Nelson F. McDuff
26 Ralph W. Martin
27 Elmer H. Maxey
28 Marion F. McClain
29 Dr. Fred N. Miller
30 Earl L. Neet
31 Mrs. Earl L. Neet
32 Florence P. Ogden
33 Dr. Wilmoth Osborne
34 Wayne A. Reid
35 Raymond L. Sims
36 Edward M. Thurston
37 Ernestine Troemel
38 J. Ed Turnbull
39 Emma Waterman
40 Don M. Woods
41 Reuben C. Young
42 Catherine B.Yocum
43 Harry B. Yocum

25th Anniversary Banquet
April 18, 1953
6:30 p.m. Osburn Hotel

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