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Where We'll Go In Glacier
by Doc Plaisted

One of the most interesting trips will be to Waterton Lake, in Canada. From our camp Clarence will drive us north along the Easternside of the park and over the Canadian line to the lake. There you can board a launch and cruise the length of the lake. On the far end of the lake those climbing Mt. Cleveland will take their leave of the main party and head south toward the mountain, the Park's highest peak. This trek will take two or three days to complete and the party will hike on through to Many Glacier Hotel - thus seeing some of the remote areas of the Park. At Many Glacier Hotel we will meet the main party coming by bus to look over the Many Glacier trails and lakes.

The Many Glacier area offers rugged peaks as well as lakes and trails. I hope you will all take the trail to Ptarmigan Tunnel as I did. As you walk through and emerge you are faced with a beautiful forested canyon and Elizabeth Lake far below. That to me is one of the most lasting memories I have of Glacier. Of interest to many will also be the lectures on Glacier's history given at the Many Glacier Hotel.

Another trip we shall like to make is into the Two Medicine Valley area to the south of the camp. There, a daily afternoon launch trip across Two Medicine Lake to the foot of Sinopah Mountain and a short hike brings you to Twin Falls. Trick Falls, near the highway bridge and two miles below the lake is a must for all I hear.

We would also like to visit Lake McDonald on the western side of the Park that you will glimpse briefly on your way to St. Mary Lake and our campground.

There will be many more trips in camp than those mentioned above and I am sure there will be plenty going on while we're in camp. So let's get on the "Glacier Special" as time is growing short.

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