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Night of Fun and Pictures

A picture night is planned for September 30th - Wednesday evening at the River Road Women's Club House. The club's camera committee is deep in preparation for an interesting show of pictures of this year's Obsidian activities. Be sure to bring your friends. All townspeople are cordially invited to get a first hand insight of what the Obsidians do on their trips, what they see, and what makes them so much fun for all who join the hikers.

A little extra fun has been arranged for all who attend. We are going to have a "Silent Auction". Ever hear of one? They're a lot of fun - good for laughs and everyone benefits. Here is how it works. Each member bring a "white elephant article" (you know, an old dish or vase or gadget) something that hasn't quite outlived its usefulness or a cake or box of cookies or some other baked article. This variety is placed on a table, and everyone present simply bids on the things by placing his name and bid on a paper in the receptacle by the item. Everyone receives something of value at little cost, and the club receives some extra needed revenue.

A money raising event is necessary at this time to repay the club treasury some of the general expense that has been incurred this past year. Your help will be most appreciated. Our paving bill for the club's lot did all but deplete the club funds.

Tell your friends about the date - September 30, and plan now for your "white elephant" or baked goods.

Annual Meeting
OCTOBER 6 6:00 P. M.

Remember - annual meeting - Tuesday, October 6, 1953 - at Willamalane Memorial Building, North 8th and A Streets, Springfield, Oregon. Members may pay their dues and vote from 6:00 until 6:45. The meeting will begin with a potluck dinner at 6:45 p.m. The annual business meeting, election of Directors, and reports of committees will follow the dinner. The annual reports of all committee chairmen will be due at that time.

Following are candidates for election: there are 9 directors to be elected, 6 men and 3 women: Clarence Bankhead, Walt Banks, Dale Carlson, Bailey Castelloe, Ray Cavagnaro, Leslie Cooper, Joe Daniel, Ernie Keasling, Lloyd Plaisted, Clarence Scherer, Gene Sebring, John Williamson, Blanche Bailey, Betty Hack, Virginia Sebring, Myrtle Smith, Thelma Watson, Helen Weiser.

!?!?! IT'S A MYSTERY !?!?! where George Korn will take us next Sunday, Sept. 20. DON'T MISS THE MYSTERY TRIP -- always fun!

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