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A young man arrived in Eugene one day in 1946 from Los Angeles, Cal., completely in love with the Oregon country and resolved to see as much of it as he could and to enjoy and participate in the opportunities provided to all who live in Oregon.

He read about the Obsidians many times and it sounded like "just what the doctor ordered." He discussed membership with a mutual friend Ray Harris, and the result was that a Eugene Sebring filed application for membership in March 1951.

Gene is a stalwart youth of quiet nature, sincere and a man of few words, but his words are worth the listening. He has a boundless energy and is an ardent and top-notch mountain climber - one of the club's "Ten Peakers."

Members most respect Gene for his kindness and consideration to his fellow climbers and hikers, for he is always the first to jump to the aid of anyone who needs help --whether it is in the cold McKenzie or on a roof top nailing shingles for a friend. (We've caught Gene doing both,)

A lovely Obsidian Princess, Virginia Drake, won Gene's heart and in 1952 they were married. The Sebrings have distinguished themselves as directors of 2 club Summer Outings. They are a hard working pair, who can always be found doing readily more than their share of camp duties. The fine 1954 Mt. Hood Summer Camp was a tribute to their ability as organizers with keen sense of judgment and planning, and to their devotion to hard work that enables everyone to have a good time.

We welcome you Gene as our club President, and extend best wishes. Best wishes to you both on the coming new little Sebring.

Let's All Stick is a very familiar exclamation you've heard Ray Sims sing out so many times along the trails. Ray's admonition makes a fine resolution for all Obsidians as we begin our new Obsidian year. The new officers and Board of Directors need your cooperation and help. As in the past, we know they will receive this needed aid.

The Annual Meeting was well attended. It was an interesting event accompanied by a fine pot luck dinner.

Reports of all the committees were read, and it brought to mind what a really lot of fun is packed into an Obsidian year. A great deal of work is done of course to make all our good times possible. Dale Carlson received many words of praise for the wonderful job he did as club President. Our very deep gratitude and thanks, Dale, for your untiring efforts on the club's behalf.

A record 65 votes were cast, and the Board expresses their appreciation for the large number of questionnaires that were returned. A word of thanks is also due to all those folks who allowed their names to be submitted for the ballots. We appreciate the fact that it is their way of expressing willingness to serve in the management of the club in reciprocation, so to speak, f or the many fine times they have had along our Obsidian trails.

Remember too, that all of us can help our club by lending a hand to the committee chairmen. Give them your friendly suggestions and comments and serve on their committees if you possibly can. You'll find it lots of fun taking part in activities.

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