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Obsidians are very proud that among their members are many who serve the Ski Patrol.

Our National Ski Patrol is a voluntary, and non-profit organization of over 4,000 members, including some 800 women. All are trained in ski rescue work and are graduates of Red Cross first-aid courses. The patrol is financed by contributions from skiers.

The Ski Patrol serves the seven areas of skiing-Eastern, Midwest, Northern Rockies, Southern Rockies, Utah, California, Pacific Northwest. In each area, a chairman directs regional men, section chiefs, patrol leaders, and the patrolmen. The local patrolman is the key man of the organzation--a skier gives up much of his own ski fun to aid accident victims.

In a typical year, some 2 million skiers in the U.S. suffer only 15,000 accidents-less than 1 percent. Only about one quarter of these are fractures, but all require first-aid and rescue by toboggan.

The National Ski Patrol seeks to reduce even this low accident rate through safety education for skiers.

The ski season again is with us, so let us all try to help these Ski Patrolmen whenever we can. One best way is to use caution in our own skiing and on the trails.

Message From President Carlson

To me the pleasures of belonging to the Obsidians are many. They include our Sunday hikes and climbs. Our social evenings throughout the year are fun. Weekend trips to the cabin or the coast always prove popular. The privilege of serving on a committee or the Board is always a pleasure and is interesting to say the least. The highlight of the entire season for those so fortunate to attend is the annual Summer Camp. However, the greatest reward of belonging to the Obsidians is the pleasure of enjoying good companionship.

For me the greatest adventure of Obsidian life is being in the wilderness with the afore-mentioned companions. Whether it be at the breakfast fire before a climb with the tantalizing odors of frying eggs and bacon, or along the winding trail where scenic beauty prevails on every side, or perhaps the sighting of a doe and her fawn in early Summer, or whether it is at the heavily laden table of an evening meal at Summer Camp, there are no other thrills which can begin to compare. During winter skiing at the fine areas in the vicinity offers a lot of fun and adventure (and for me a few spills). The Winter Outing usually proves one of the most successful weekends of the entire year and much good fellowship is enjoyed.

Our evening social activities also provide us with the finest of entertainment and pleasure. Included are the potluck picnics followed by volleyball or softball and then an evening campfire for roasting marshmallows. The holiday parties are especially fun as are picture nights and barn dances.

Just don't see how any of us could do without our fine club with its variety of fun and adventure. However, these pleasures couldn't be possible without the companionship of the other members and friends. As a special reward to yourself why don't you find time to attend more Obsidian planned events this year so that others may more fully enjoy your companionship.

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