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WHEEL (n.) The machinery which propels or operates anything. APRIL 11TH - CRATER LAKE TRIP BY GREYHOUND BUS, Clarence Bankhead at the wheel. Money oils the wheels of life, but we assure you this trip won't take much money, $5.50 per person will cover the round trip. The bus will leave at approximately 5 a.m., but Clarence promises a smooth trip so you can catch up on that extra shut-eye en route. Loading point will be the Court House with a pick-up stop on the campus. This trip is not only planned for skiers but for camera fans and sight-seers as well. The bus will take its passengers directly to the Lake where there is a shelter with a fireplace providing a place to eat lunch. The bus will also serve as a shuttle for the skiers and will return them from the bottom of the run.


Friendly Ruth West, Secretary of the active and important McKenzie River Protective and Development Assn. was recently honored by a lengthy article in the Lane News about her many activities. The close cooperation enjoyed by the Obsidians with this McKenzie group was mentioned. They are also strongly opposed to construction of dams on the Upper McKenzie and are desirous that the Three Sisters Wilderness area be retained in its original boundary.


TRAILINGS (a path through the wilderness to follow in a long straggling line, something dragging behind) This issue with apologies to Webster - not a member of the Obsidians.

THE NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY has an interesting evening planned for Friday, March 19th. A lecture on bird Room 16, Science Bldg., 8 p.m.

LOST: THE OBSIDIAN COFFEEPOT... Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this valuable item, please contact Thelma Watson. It is urgently needed for the HOBO BREAKFAST!

RUMOR has it that our good friend "Doc" Keller is about to join the ranks of the "Benedicks." He'll rope up with a Minneapolis gal, come April 24th, and we'll bet she's a skier- hailing from that snow country! Good luck, Ed!

CLANCY, our Greyhound mountain goat, is back in Toledo hunting up a new truck. Whassa matter, Clarence, do they think you can execute those Mt. trails better in a truck than a bus?

CONSERVATION (n.) The act of preserving from loss or, injury, as natural resources. This is an important year for conservationists. Please do your part by writing to the proper authorities. (Names and addresses were given in last month's bulletin) A night wire is very inexpensive but send along your word of opposition. Dinosaur, Upper McKenzie Dams, The Three Sisters area, Rainier National Park - are the conservation problems. Karl Onthank of the Obsidian Conservation Committee will be glad to assist you with any questions.

HELEN MCGILLICUDDY MEREWETHER is back with us again while Allen is doing his stint in the Far East.

OUR BULLETIN EDITOR, RAY CAVAGNARO, is on his way east to visit all his old haunts around Chicago, and to pilot a Better Buick back to God's country.

WE'RE DEVELOPING a great bunch of advanced skiers from the looks of the bandaged knees- Bill Beaman, Adeline Adams, both Sebrings, and Helen Kilpatrick!

THE BAILEYS - Castelloe and Merle, are officers in the newly incorporated Electric League of Oregon which is made up of contractors, equipment deal ers and utility men.

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