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Oregon Caves

All aboard, with Clancy as our guide, on the Memorial Day tour to Oregon Caves! We leave the Court House at 7 a.m. Sunday and will return Monday evening.

A few more passengers are needed RIGHT NOW to fill the bus - please call Castelloes, 4-5168 Friday or Saturday.


Round trip bus fare . . . . . . $6:50
Sunday lunch(take or buy)
Sunday dinner . . . . . . . . . 2.00
Sunday night lodging . . $1.70-3.00
Breakfast . . . . . . . . about 1.00
Tour through Caves . . . about .75
Lunch . . . . . . . . . about 1.25

Eat Sunday breakfast before you start. Take Sunday lunch if you wish, or buy it at Alderbrook Cafe, at lunch stop. Do not take sleeping bag. Take warm clothes, etc.

On our leisurely way to the Caves we'll pause for interesting local sights - lunch at a spot near Grants Pass where we may view the Oregon Mystery House, or experience the unusual pleasure of panning a little gold - a bit of gold is insured in every pan! - so try your hand! There are some interesting rock collections here and lunch is available at Alderbrook Cafe near by. We'll stop to watch the salmon coming up the Rogue, at Savage Rapids.

We'll enjoy "Yankee Pot Roast" dinner on Sunday evening at the Chateau!

Castelloes, Leaders

Three Sisters

Our Conservation Committee hosts the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs on a fine trip over the July 4th holiday. The trip will be into the Three Sisters Wilderness area, presently under consideration.

A packer has been hired and his charges for the three days will be only $7.50. Your dunnage should include your food and is to be limited to 30 pounds (that's the dunnage and not the food). Include your cooking utensils, as there will be no central commissary.

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A Word From Building Committee

The finance campaign is coming along fine. More than 1/4 of the required amount has been pledged; and both pledges and money are coming in. Some have started to come from members far removed from Eugene, but long time friends of our Club. The committee wishes all those who have pledged a cash payment to send this in as soon as convenient, so we will be sure enough to start. You do not need to wait to be called personally. Send yours in as soon as possible - Address: Louis Waldorf, 414 East 15th Ave., Eugene, Oregon.

While our Junior members will probably not be able to contribute as much as most of the seniors, we know they will want to do what they can. It is they who will enjoy it more in future years.

About Our Clubhouse

The May 1 potluck supper was a fine morale boosting evening sponsored by Building Committee and attended by 55 Obsidians, who viewed clubhouse plans, and heard the details of the building program.

Earl Britton led the event, telling of the fine reputation Obsidians enjoy in our community. "Now that we have the opportunity to build a clubhouse," he said, "we shouldn't lose it." Mentioning how important it is to have funds ready before actually building.

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