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Throughout the twenty-six years of our club's history we have gradually acquired several annual events, which today we would not give up easily. These include the tenderfoot climb, holiday parties, the Crater Lake bus trip and the Chief's and Princesses' initiations; and certainly one of the most popular of these events is our annual Summer Camp. It was the first of these events to take hold and stay with us.

The first Summer Outing was held at Obsidian Camp (Near the West base of the Middle Sister) in 1928 and attracted 18 people. Since that time the camps have become increasingly more popular, with a high of 67 attending our Spirit Lake Camp in 1949. With the exception of two war years there has been an outing for each year of the club's life, or a total of twenty four. In the early days the camp equipment as well as personal gear was quite primitive compared with that of today. The first camp had no dining tables and the cook stoves were very crude as was most of the kitchen equipment. Few members owned sleeping bags so took blankets for bedding. The comfort of an air mattress was unknown so evergreen boughs sufficed for those requiring a softer bed.

Those early campers might be expected to look upon our now modern equipment with scorn, but no, actually it is they who have brought about the majority of the improvements. Many of them still frequently attend the outings and thoroughly enjoy the new-found comforts of camp.

This year's outing should prove especially popular as it is to be held in a lovely area where we have not camped or explored before and the location is not far from our homes. Eden Park, on the North side of Mount Hood is said to contain some of the finest beauty spots in the Cascades, and has been selected as this season's camp site.

More than 800 people have enjoyed our Summer Outings since their beginning and it is safe to say that each of these people have enjoyed several interesting experiences while at camp. These events have not been forgotten, but undoubtedly many interesting details have innocently been added during the ensuing years. This is forgivable as it only makes these memories even more entertaining when told around the evening campfire.

Already the thought of it excites me. The memories of past Summer Camps, of the pleasant hikes, the swimming, the boating, the indescribably scenic beauty the clean fresh air, the clear blue skies, the plentiful and tasty food -- all tend to make me long forward to the arrival of August.

Dale Carlson


Obsidians will honor Willamette National Forest Supervisor Bruckart on June 26th with a grand potluck at Weiser's Grove. Saturday, June 26th has been officially declared "Bruckart Day" by president Carlson, and all Obsidians and their friends are urged to help fete Ray Bruckart who has been a wonderful friend of the Obsidians for so many years.

The ball games start at 4 P.M. and dinner wall be served at 6 P.M. In addition to the potluck, folks are asked to bring their own table service and a camp style or folding chair. The Chiefs have charge of a fine program.

Be sure to save the date - June 26th -- so that we can all be together to honor our club's friend, Ray Bruckart.

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