The Obsidian Bulletin, March 1955, p. 1

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Do We, The Obsidians, Really Want A Clubhouse?

Do we want this clubhouse badly enough for all of us to make a personal sacrifice to give the money necessary to insure our building?

Our membership is comparatively small, but of the 200 who do hold memberships, only 62 have pledged their share.

To date we have received $2616 in cash The board has appropriated $2000 and there are $770 in unpaid pledges---which when paid will make a grand total of $5313.

Your comittee feels we must have at least $7000 before any work can be started. With $7000 available, we would be justified in starting the building.

We feel there are numerous members who, in addition to their pledges, will be able to loan the club reasonable sums on non-interest bearing bonds. With this additional money the building can be practically completed.

It is the judgment of your committee that this building will be worth twice the money invested when it is completed, because of the donated labor and material. This estimate does not include the value of the lot.

It should not be necessary for us to contact each member personally, so please consider this a plea to you to send what you can and thus help make our club home a reality. Thirty per cent of the membership cannot carry the load alone.


Here is the floor plan of our proposed clubhouse. Visualize yourself walking in the north entrance across the cement floored "porch" or "patio". You'll hang up your raincoat just to your left after entering, in the spacious closet provided for that purpose, all the while sniffing that wonderful aroma of coffee which will accompany one of those famous Obsidian potlucks. You will find a handy counter on which to deposit your potluck dish--and accommodating hands to put it in just the right spot on the long tables. You'll walk admiringly past the expertly decorated tables and over to the fireplace to greet your Obsidian friends. And here, in your own clubhouse you will find many happy hours of good fellowship, absorbing conversations, thrilling pictures, and pleasant activities.


Your building will have an auditorium 0 x 48, with a smaller meeting room 17 x 18, for committees and library, which can be opened to become part of the main room when necessary. You will have a very well-arranged kitchen and other facilities, with large storage space in the floored attic for outing equipment, etc. There will be a fireplace in the main room designed to help with heating; electric heat will probably be used. The interior finish will be plaster board or some form of dry wall construction. The overall dimensions are 47 x 66, The exterior is planned to harmonize with surrounding structures, with a shingled hip roof and rustic finished board and batten for the outside walls. M.B.C.

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