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Let's Go Climbing

We are once again in the climbing season. There is something special about camping out in the high places. You see thousands more stars in a crystal clear sky, hear no city noise (although there may be a bit of snoring), and it is very enjoyable to climb the many different peaks in Oregon and Washington.

In July the climbing committee has scheduled the following climbs:

(1) July 2, 3, 4,---Mt . St. Helens. Joe Daniel, leader. Some different scenery for us.

(2) July 10---Three Fingered Jack. Dave Burwell, leader. A nice climb from pretty Jack Lake.

(3) July 17---Diamond Peak. Gene Sebring, leader. Our tenderfoot climb and Gene would like a record group.

(4) July 24---Middle Sister. Jim Jeppesen, leader. One of the big three for new chiefs and princesses.

(5) July 31---The lucky ones leave for summer camp in Yosemite.

And don't forget that we climb Mt. Hood on June 19th, and Mt. McLaughlin on June 26th. We would like a good turnout for each of them.

Good climbing!

Please add Mt. Washington to your schedule for Sept. 11 as it was left off by accident. Ray Harris is the leader.



Trips scheduled for the next several weeks offer much variety as to location and type of scenery. It was decided that the June 19 trip to Clear Lake will be a one day affair rather than an overnight trip as originally planned. The Baileys are having trouble with the snow in the deep cut, but promise to have the snow removed from the McKenzie before their overnight trip to Tumalo Falls, June 25-26. Because of the distance to Tumalo it has been requested that this be an overnight trip. See the trips schedule for things to see at Tumalo Falls. An exchange of letters between the Baileys and the city of Bend gave information that promises to make this an especially interesting trip. Be sure to bring something delicious for an Obsidian potluck on Sunday.

Don't forget the trip of the year. Call Mike Stahl and ask if reservations can still be made for the July 2-3-4 Three Sisters Wilderness Trails trip. Call now, as reservations will not be accepted much longer.

Let's all sign up for the Yapoah Crater trip and help Margaret Markley make this an enjoyable one. Don't forget we all enjoy your company, so be there!

On JuIy 17 Bob Medill will lead us to Red Top Mt. and Fawn Lake in the Crescent Lake area. If this trip proves to be as interesting as Bob promises, nobody should miss it.

The trips committee has changed the July 24th trip (Santiam) to a climb of Tipsoo to visit Ray and Jimmy Sims -- who will be manning the lookout station there after July 1st.

Let's all turn out for as many of these trips as possible. D.C.

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