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Obsidian Summer Campers have returned from 1955 Camp Sebring filled with the awe-inspiring sights of granite peaks and domes of Yosemite Park in the High Sierra. After establishing camp at Tuolumne Meadows Forest Camp, Section "D" (affectionately known by the rangers as "Dog" Camp), the campers thereupon set out to travel over meadows covered with soft green grass and wildflowers, through paths bordered by quaking aspen, along quiet as well as rushing streams and waterfalls, around lakes and across clean-swept white rocks. Highlights were . . hikes into High Sierra Camps - including Glen Aulin and Waterwheel Falls area . . Vogelsang and Evelyn Lake, May Lake and Mt. Hoffman, a climb of Lambert Dome and lunch at Dog Lake; Cathedral Lakes and Cathedral Peak, Gaylor Lake and mining area, and a one day trip into the lower valley for a look over Glacier Peak and in the evening the program at Camp Curry with the Firefalls following.

We are proud of the camp committee who worked very hard to make the camp so successful. So thanks Lloyd Plaisted, Ray Harris and Henry Carlson. Other campers included Mr. and Mrs. Bob Medill, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cavagnaro, Margaret Markley, Natalie Beckett, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bailey, Bette Hack, Margaret Hines, Catherine Dunlop, Anna Pechanec, Thelma Watson, Vina Amort, Alice Olmstead, Mae Beaman and Selma Vangesness and daughter Ann. Selma handled the camp cuisine excellently and fed us such things as lemon pie and hot Cinnamon rolls. We heartily agree with the rangers who offered to let us come back providing we bring our cook.

Several week-end visitors were welcomed by the campers including Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Draper of Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rogers and two children, sister and family of Margaret Hines who drove up from Sacramento, California, and our own Dave Faville and Kathryn who stopped at Tuolumne while making the tour of High Sierra Camps. Dave added some new verses to "Aunt Clara" and entertained us at

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Interesting programs provided by the ranger naturalists thrice weekly around a blazing campfire added an extra fillip to our Summer Camp evenings. Rangers Carl Sharsmith, Will Neeley and Ron Bainbridge participated in the programs established by the National Park Service. Their programs included community singing, novelty songs by the rangers themselves and discussion of their guided tours, including nature walks to strenuous climbs. The trips, led by the rangers are open to all Tuolumne visitors. The highlight of each campfire program was the lecture on some facet of Tuolumne's natural history which contributed a great deal to our appreciation of the area. Subjects discussed during our stay were: Geology of Yosemite Valley and High Sierra country with considerable History of the Whitney Survey and John Muir, known as "Mr. Yosemite" and Yosemite's greatest interpreter; The Indians of Yosemite with interpretive dances and songs and exhibits of their basketry; the wildlife of Tuolumne; the natural history of the Mono Basin; the ecology of the wildlife. This is Dr. Sharsmith's 24th Summer in Yosemite and Will Neeley's 5th, while Ron was enjoying his first season. Carl and Will have developed a philosophy during their years among the green meadows and granite cliffs and domes of Tuolumne that flavored their lectures and provided excellent food for thought. Several Summer Campers took one or more scheduled trips with the rangers and found them most rewarding as we saw country we would not have discovered, and saw it through the competent eyes of the naturalist.

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