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Building Committee Reports

A meeting of the '56-'57 Building Committee was held last November 2. The members present were Louis Waldorf, Mike Stahl, Dale Carlson, Virginia and Gene Sebring .

A reappraisal and evaluation of the assets the club has acquired to date for the construction of a club house show about $6000 and a choice lot with a real value of over $2000.

The pros and cons of building on the 17th and High lot were discussed and it was agreed that a two months period would be given to looking for a more desirable location.

As this (a common meeting place) would have a stimulating effect upon our club and benefit us all we would be glad of any card or letter with your ideas to the Building Committee.

Gene Sebring

HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Your Editor can obtain much news from various members on specif matters, but the small items for Trailings, Committee news, meeting news, must be written up and turned over to a member of the Publications Committee. We consist of Jim Jeppesen, Ray Sims, Myrtle Smith, Natalie Beckett, Dorothy Ruse. Call us...

Obsidian Board Meeting

The November Board Meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Bob (Keena) Northrop.

Along with ordinary business, the following matters were brought up which are of interest to the members at large:

Two new members in the Obsidians are Ken Gunther and Durward "Doc" Boyle. We welcome both of these fine fellows.

The matter of distributing the work of the club among more members was discussed after several of the same members were listed on several different committees. A motion was made to investigate this matter and three Board members--Helen Hughes, George Hermach, Jim Jeppesen, were appointed to report on this at the next Board Meeting to be held at Henry Carlson's home at Leaburg on December 6, 1956, for action.

Youth activities was pointed out as a good possibility by Karl Onthank. He said that Byron Graff discussed this at Fan Lake during the F.W.O.C. Convention this fall.

It is felt that our club needs a publicity chairman to get news in the F.W.O.C. Quarterly, the Eugene Register-Guard, etc., to plug our activities more. This chairman, or someone else will also be the membership "driver" for the F.W.O.C., the Friends of the Three Sisters, Inc., and others.

Jim Jeppesen

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