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'Mr. Obsidian' to head club 1957-58

Ray Sims, known as "Mr. Obsidian" all over the Northwest, was elected president of the club by the new board of directors. Ray, a charter member of the club, has been just about everywhere in our area. It is generally known that "If Ray hasn't been there, you can't get there from here."

Jim Jeppesen is vice president, Lillian Johnson, treasurer; and Bette Hack, secretary.

Lillian, Bette, Ray and Natalie Morgan were elected to the board this time. Old board members whose terms continue are Jim Jeppesen, Ray Harris, Karl Onthank, Henry Carlson and Bob Medill.

After the first summer outing in 1928, returning to Eugene, the big question was where we could store the brand new outing equipment and the dishes?

The board appointed a committee in the winter of 1929 to investigate a room in the old Hampton building at 6th and Willamette. But this did not meet the requirements.

Then, in 1937 blue prints were made for a mountain cabin on Deer butte, as the McKenzie pass was the only road and was kept open quite late in the year.

So, after 30 years of needing a place to store our equipment, hold board meetings, hold special meetings, have picture nights, all of our entertainments, potluck dinners, and even a place to meet for trips and above all, the annual meeting, where possibly there wouldn't be a basketball game overhead.

Yes, I certainly would like the building committee to come up with a plan and have the members do much of the work, and by next annual meeting, move into an Obsidian club house.

Also in these first 30 years, with the association of congenial people, I would like to express my genuine pleasure that I have realized in our many summer camps, trips and high mountain climbs. And especially the high mountain climbs, where sometimes there is tenseness, but courtesy is the byword. As someone once said, "There is no animosity above 6,000 feet",

-- Ray Sims


It's that time. Dues are payable. Make your checks to Obsidians and send to Nat Morgan, 751 E. 14th Ave., Eugene.


Five members earned the coveted Ten Peak award last year. Early in the season, on the 4th of July, Bruce and Art Johnson on top of Mt. McLoughlin celebrated the holiday by tearing strips of tape off the Obsidian emblems and revealing the "10"s.

A week and a half later, on the Washington climb, Jim Newsom and Bob Northrop earned their way into the fraternity.

Early in August Lorena Shinn, who ran into bad luck with the weather several times last year, got to the top of Diamond Peak, her 10th and one that many get right at first. She climbed the 10 in 13 months.

The five awards were presented at the annual meeting„ as was a 10 peak award to Margaret Markley who had earned it earlier.

A three-peak award went to Bill Beaman who finished up on the South in September.

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