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by James Munro
President of Save The McKenzie Association

A little over one year ago - on March 27, 1956 - the citizens of Eugene rejected the bond issue proposal of the Eugene Water & Electric Board for the raising of 8½ million dollars for the construction of the Beaver Marsh project on the Upper McKenzie. Those who took part in the campaign know that the issues were thoroughly discussed. The Eugene Water & Electric Board presented its case through newspaper advertisements, radio, television, signs on buses, direct mailing of illustrated brochures and of course by means of its employee personnel. The Save-the-McKenzie Association had, in fact a small organization, but one that was ably directed and could call on the assistance of key people, including of course members of the Obsidians. The citizens of Eugene are now faced with another campaign on this issue. What factors are present now, or what changes in the situation have taken place since the March 27, 1956 election? The following, I think, are important:

(1) The local problem of EWEB has been improved substantially by the arrangement made last year whereby EWEB will participate in the Priest Rapids Dam Development in Washington State.

(2) According to the Bonneville Power Administration's 1956 Advance Program, the power outlook for the northwest has improved substantially since the similar report of 1955. At that time deficiencies

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On Friday May 24th at Skinner's Butte Recreational Bldg., the Obsidians have a big Summer Camp Rally. Beginning at 6:30 the usual good potluck followed by a short program and pictures taken around Husband Lake, location of this year's Outing.

Three have already signed up, and I was told to add 4 more names and with the committee of 4, that makes 11 - a good start.

The prospectus will be distributed and the sign-up sheet available.

If you once see the beautiful country around Husband Lake and Linnton Meadows - I am sure you'll want to join the crowd at Summer Camp this year!

Camp Committee; Ray Cavagnaro, Chmn.
Nellie & Mac McWilliams
Gene Sebring


Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd L, Armes request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Janet Roine to Mr. Dennie Jerry Koupal on Saturday, June 8, at 3 o'clock, First Methodist Church, Eugene.

Dennie has been away to school the past few years but many Obsidians have seen him during visits home. Janet has accompanied Dennie on several Obsidian functions and we hope to see more of both of them.


Jim Harrang who has made many local winter climbs as well as regular climbs with the club in past years, and Bill Unsoeld who attempted 27,790 foot Oatslo with the California Himalayan Expedition,

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