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Notices have been sent to all Obsidians concerning the Annual Meeting which will be held at the Willamalane Memorial Building, North 8th and A Streets, Springfield, on October 8, Tuesday, beginning at 6:00 P.M.

This year there are six women candidates and two men on the ballot from which four new Board members will be elected. There has been some discussion over the unusual number of women candidates. This was necessary this year because of the expiration of three year terms for two women board members and resignation of one woman board member who had a one year term yet to serve. It was necessary to elect only one man to the board as the other five men board members have one and two year terms yet to serve.

Candidates who were selected by the nominating committee include: Lillian Johnson, Natalie Beckett Morgan, Elsie Dotson, Geraldine Fehly, Bette Hack, Nellie McWilliams, Dr. Fred Miller, Ray Sims.

Voting will be held from 6:00 P.M. until 6:45 P.M. and only those members whose dues are paid are eligible to vote. Senior dues are $4.00, junior dues $1.00.

Potluck dinner will be served at 6:45 P.M. Please bring your own table service. The Entertainment Committee is in charge of table decorations and will furnish coffee. Following the potluck, the Annual Business Meeting will be held.

Please try to attend as this meeting is important to all Obsidians.

Bette Hack


Sept. 29 - YAPOAH CRATER LOOP TRIP. Bob Frazier will lead. Hikers will camp at Frog Camp Saturday night, then drive to East Lava Camp to start the hike at 7:30 A.M. If you can't make it to camp Saturday night, meet the hikers at East Lava at 7:30 A.M. Sunday. Trip will end at Frog Camp again. This will be a qualifying (16 miles) trip.

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Summer Camp at Husband Lake Another Success!!!

Another wonderful summer camp is over and now just a memory. 59 members and friends were in camp some part of the time and others for the two weeks. The packers were slow in getting dunnage into camp so the first few days were spent in borrowing sleeping bags, tents, air mattresses, coats, caps, etc. - forward, backward, in and out. The weather was not ideal the first week but not as bad as the weather man here reported. We did not let the weather keep us from going to Eileen Lake, Linton Falls, the Middle Sister, Obsidian Camp, James Creek shelter, and other interesting places. The second week had ideal weather, in fact the first weekers saw sunshine from about Thursday on and had nice weather to hike out in on Sunday. During the second week several of the trips were repeated and a successful trip was made to Chambers Lakes. This was tried the first week, but heavy fog turned the party back. The South was climbed, The Husband, Substitute Lookout and several others repeated for the ones not in camp the first week.

The success of the camp can certainly be attributed to the congenial crowd. The committee felt unhappy about the weather, but it did not spoil the fun of the campers. They were always willing to help the committee and others whenever asked. A special thanks should be extended to Ruth and Leonard Ratkowski for helping in setting up camp. The hot coffee and choc-

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