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Here Are The Trips for Winter

Ray Cavagnaro's trips committee has outlined a set of trips to take us into February. Tentatively, here is the list:

Dec. -- 14 Christmas trees and greenery.

Dec. -- 21 Open date right before the holidays. CHRISTMAS PARTY, 5 PM, WASH. ST. RECREATION CENTER (See Page 5).

Dec. 28 -- An afternoon romp up Spencer Butte with Dorothy Ruse as leader.

Jan. 4 -- A ski. trip into Rosary Lakes, east of Willamette Ski Area with Jane Hilt.

Jan. 11 -- A Donn Chase chase. In other words some kind of trip with Donn Chase.

Jan. 18 -- Into the Mohawk area with Leo Paschelke.

Jan. 25 -- Somewhere at the beach for a trip led by Merle and Blanche Bailey who will come up from Salem for the occasion.

A Big One For February?

Ray says the committee talked about a bus trip to the new Bachelor Ski area for some time in February. Similarly Mike Stahl, outing committee chairman, and Tom Taylor who knows a lot about that country have been thinking about Bachelor for a winter outing.

That would give us either two trips to the Century Drive area in winter, or perhaps one combined trip. Those who climbed Bachelor on the Fourth of July weekend a year ago know what a terrific view one gets to the north and west of Broken Top and the Sisters. Think of what it must look like from there in winter! The committees also know that bus trips are precarious. Sometimes everybody who said he'd go doesn't show up. Thus if a bus trip is planned, plans (meaning money on the line) must be firm.

Jim Jeppesen Is New President

Jim Jeppesen is new president of the Obsidians, as the result of a pair of elections earlier in the fall. The membership voted for a board of directors, and the board picked the officers.

Tom Taylor is vice president. Mildred Ball will serve as secretary, and Lillian Johnson will again serve as treasurer.

The nine-member board of directors includes the above four and Karl Onthank, Ray Sims, Lorena Shinn, Ray Cavagnaro and Mike Stahl. Lorena, Mildred, Mike, Tom, and Ray Cavagnaro were elected to the board this year. Ray Sims, Karl, Jim and Lillian are holdover members.

Movie Next Week

"The Mountains Don't Care," a movie by Bob and Ira Spring, the famous Washington mountaineering photographers, will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 17 in the basement assembly room of the Register Guard. Club members are urged to attend.

Gene Sebring, chairman of search and rescue, has arranged for the film which he says is an excellent presentation of the hazards of mountain adventure by the amateur.

Christmas Tree Trip

The 1958 Christmas tree trip will leave from the Park Blocks at 1 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 14. Bob Northrop will lead the group to the Chester Goodman tree farm above Vida. There they will get a look at an "orchard" of Christmas trees commercially developed. Chester Goodman, operator of the farm, will conduct the tour.

An axe or saw will come in handy for those picking out trees for themselves. Club members who use this trip to get the family tree should be prepared to pay a small charge.

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