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A Full Schedule For Early Spring

This is the time of year to get limbere d up after the long winter's nap. Those leg muscles and lungs need a work-out before the climbing season gets under way. July will be too late. Bob Medill and his committee have planned for spring:

Mar. 9 -- Margaret Wiese will lead a snow trip into Gold Lake near Willamette ski area. Skis or snowshoes called for.

Mar. 15 and 16 -- Pamelia Lake winter outing. (See adjoining column).

Mar. 23 -- a mineral exploring trip up the Row River with Keith Brunig.

Mar. 30 -- Old Baldy in the Coburgs, with Ray Cavagnaro.

April 6 -- It's Easter, But after church we'll go up Spencer's Butte, Good moon-light is hoped for. If it's clear, each climber will pack up a little wood for a fire on top, Thelma Watson will be in the lead, with the coffee pot.

April 13 -- Hobo breakfast at Hendrick's Bridge State Park. Plan for a trip after breakfast.

April 20 -- Bob Medill will take us up above Blue River to hunt fossils. High-light of the trip will be a demonstration and lecture by Dave Burwell on survival. Bob says Dave will show us how to build a fire under all conditions, ineluding under water!

April 27 -- Eagle's Rest, between Lookout Point Dam and Mt. June, with Louis Waldorf. Good views in all directions.

Late changes in this schedule will be in the Register-Guard and also on the bulletin board at Hendershott's. It helps if you sign up early.

Sympathy Extended

Sympathy is extended to Mary Castelloe upon the death of her mother, Abigail Irene Pennoyer, in Eugene, Feb. 23.

Winter Outing Set For Pamelia Lake

Pamelia Lake at the foot of Mt, Jefferson will be the site of the 1958 winter outing Saturday, March 15 and Sunday, the 16th. Gene Sebring, outing chairman, will lead.

We will leave Eugene sometime Saturday, the earlier the better, using either of the Santiam highways. The north, somewhat longer, will likely be more free of snow. Twelve miles past Detroit the Pamelia Lake trail leaves to the left (el. 2,300) and we take that, which starts as a logging road, Gene says the distance up that road we can drive will depend upon snow that day. The road ends about three miles from the highway (el. 2,750). From there we follow the trail to Pamelia Lake (el. 3,950). Distance from highway to lake is six and a half miles.

Skis or snowshoes will be essential for the pack-in. An early check of persons interested in the trip showed that some would use snowshoes, some skis.

Gene has obtained permission for us to use a cabin at the lake. Equipment lists and more detailed instructions will be posted at Hendershott's.

The lake is best known as a popular jumping-off place for the Jeff climb. A couple of short side trips from the lake also suggest themselves. We can take the Skyline north a mile or so to Milk Creek where we can look up the canyon at Jeff towering above us (el. 10,495).

Or we can go two or more miles south on the Skyline, climbing a little for about two miles, to Hunt's Cove (el. 5,200). The cove area is to the south side of Jefferson what Jeff Park is to the north side. Several tiny lakes, probably frozen over now, are in that area.

Anybody who feels really rugged that weekend can scramble up the steep slopes that rise to the southwest of the lake and pick up some commanding views from Grizzly Flats (el. 5,000) or the top of Grizzly Peak (el. 5,774).

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