The Obsidian Bulletin, June 1958, p. 1

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A New Clubhouse Unlikely This Year

Plans for early occupancy of a new Obsidian clubhouse, which looked quite good for a while, don't look so rosy anymore. Members who inspected property recommended by the building committee voted not to accept the committee's recommendation.

This, says Building Chairman Tom Taylor, means the committee does not have time to work up another site for this year. Another committee another year can take it from here, says he.

Thursday, June 12, some 50 members visited property at 3rd and Pearl, which the committee had recommended for purchase, remodeling and quick occupancy. After a look around, 47 members voted this way:

13 -- Third and Pearl.

10 -- Land near Laurelwood.

11 -- Club site at 17th and High.

13 -- "No"

Since the present site is up for sale, by board action, Tom figures those votes are in the category of the simple "no" votes against the 3d and Pearl site.

Town says he's mystified by the vote, because earlier in the year members voted 60 to 4 to sell the lot we have on High. So, he wonders, where did the 11 votes for that site come from?

Only thing left for the committee now, he thinks, is to decide whether or not the members still want to sell the High St. lot and whether or not they want to invest the money right away in another site for the future. If they don't reinvest quickly, they suffer a tax loss.

Earlier the board voted a special vote of thanks to Tom and his committee for their hard work in trying to get a meeting place established this summer. They did the work, even though the membership rejected it. The vote of thanks stands.

Three Camps Make For a Busy Fourth

Fourth of July Weekend, July 4-6, will offer something for everybody. You can lie around in the sun near the headwaters of the Metolius, you can climb two of the snow peaks on our schedule, or you can go into a rarely visited section of the Wilderness area -- and still be taking part in club activities.

The trips committee has worked up the Metolius trip, with Louis and Roxie Waldorf as leaders. It will be a base camp at one of the many forest camps in the Camp Sherman area, with side trips from there for those who want to take them. Watch the sign-up sheet at Hendershott's for details.

Several Obsidians are taking part in the leadership of the annual wilderness trek into the Three Sisters area, sponsored again by the Friends of the Three Sisters Inc. A special feature of this trip into the Yankee Mountain-Lowder Mountain area will be the presence of several scientists, each of whom will help the rest of us understand the flora, fauna and geology of this seldom visited region.

Climbers will meet at Devil's Lake Camp ground, off Century Drive, July 4. If for some reason they cant meet there, they'll meet at the Devil's Garden camp. Sign-up sheet will tell.

They'll get up early Saturday July 5, to climb the South Sister by a new route pioneered several years ago by Gene Sebring, Lloyd Plaisted and Mike Stahl. Mike will lead toward Rock Mesa and Moraine Lake, thence up the regular south ridge.

Sunday morning, the 6th, they'll get up early again, pack their gear and get out. Those who wish to will stop at Dutchman's Flat for a speedy climb of Bachelor, with Pat Stahl. Pat thinks we can drive a bit nearer the mountain than we have been able to do before. Tom Taylor, who has done a lot of work on plans for a ski resort in the area, will likely be there to show us the possibilities.

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