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Summer Campers At Green Lakes

Summer Camp, originally scheduled for Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks, was at Green Lakes instead. Twenty two persons attended during the two week period. Broken Top and the South Sister were climbed each week, and trips were made to Chambers Lakes, Kidney Lakes and Cayuse Cone. A lot of fishing was done on the side. The big lake, the middle one turned out to be a fine place for a rubber boat.

A list of climbers follows. The figure 1 indicates a climb of the South Sister the first week, 2 Broken Top the first week, 3 South Sister second week, 4 Broken Top second week. An asterisk indicates leading a climb:

Doris Sims 1*, 3
Frank Jones 1, 2*, 3, 4*
Helen Smith 1, 2
Jane Hilt 1, 2
Everett Ow 1,2,3,4
Frances Newsom 1,2
Jim Kezer 1
Daron Dierks 1
Bob Medill 2,3,4
Thelma Watson 2, 3
Ray Sims 3
Clarence Richmond 3
Florence Richmond 3
Art Landry 3

The Richmonds are Sierra Club members from Walnut Creek, Calif.; Art Landry is a member of the Seattle Mountaineers. His home is in Bremerton.

The second Broken Top climb was up the South Ridge. The North Ridge is the summit. Obsidians put a coffee can and book on the South Ridge, too, explaining it is not the summit. But several signers in the summit book had said they had climbed the South Ridge, not knowing it was not the summit.

This 30th annual summer camp was named Camp Sims, in honor of President Ray Sims and conforming to club custom.

Heavy Schedule Remains For the End of Summer

Summer isn't over yet. In some ways it may be said that everything so far has been build-up to the late August and the early September activity schedules.

The weekend of Aug. 23-24 two attempts on the North Sister will be made. Ray Sims will lead the "old-timers' climb" on Saturday, the 23rd. The group will go in to the Sunshine-Scott Camp area Friday, the 22nd, climb on Saturday, and come out on Sunday. It will be Ray's 30th climb of this mountain.

The regular climb, led by Tom Taylor, will be made on Sunday, with the group going in on Saturday afternoon.

Jefferson is on the schedule for the Labor Day Weekend. Lloyd Plaisted will lead that from Hunts' Cove. He scouted it a week or two ago, and reports it will be a dry climb with no snow. As leader, he reserved the right to reject anybody he is unsure of. He will insist that all Jefferson climbers have climbed at least one, and preferably two, major peaks in August, and they they be competent on rock. He prefers they have climbed Jack or Washington and that they have gone to climbing school. Crampons will not be required. But rope sling and the "10 essentials" will be.

Diamond Peak is on the schedule for the next weekend, with Broken Top scheduled the weekend after that, Sept. 13-14. Sept. 20-21 is open for any late season climbs the members ask for, or for re-scheduling any that are weathered out.

Trips late in the summer include Scott Mountain and Tenas Lakes Aug. 24 with the Weisers; the Devils Garden area over Labor Day with Kay Fahy and Dorothy Ruse; and the always popular Obsidian Loop on Sept, 7 with Nellie and Mac McWilliams.

Sign-up sheets are, or will be, at Hendershott's. Sign up early in the week.

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