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Five Directors To Be Elected

Members at the annual meeting will elect three men and two women to the Obsidian board of directors. From the whole board (the five new ones plus the four holdover members) club officers will be chosen.

The two women will fill vacancies created when Natalie Morgan resigned because of other activities and when Bette Hack resigned upon moving to Silverton where she is teaching school. The two women will be picked from the following four:

Mildred Ball, Elsie Dotson, Kay Fahy, Lorena Shinn.

The three men will fill vacancies created by the resignations of Henry Carlson, Ray Harris and the expiration of the term of Bob Medill. The position to which Ray Harris was elected was vacated earlier in the year and has been filled on a temporary basis by Bob Frazier. The three men will be picked from these six:

Ray Cavagnaro, Bob Frazier, George Hermach, Everett Ow, Mike Stahl and Tom Taylor.

The board, when completed, will consist of six men and three women. The men will be the three newly elected members plus Karl Onthank, Jim Jeppesen and Ray Sims whose terms did not expire this time.

The three women will be the two newly elected members plus Lillian Johnson who carries over from the old board.

Board members themselves will meet after the meeting to pick new officers.

Only senior, active members whose new (1958-1959) dues have been paid will be eligible to vote. This may be done by absentee ballot, as explained in the next column.

Dues are $4 a year for associate and active members; $1 a year for juniors.

Annual Meeting To Be Oct. 10

Officers will be elected, dues will be payable, committee reports will be read and awards will be presented Friday night Oct. 10 at the club's annual meeting. It will be at the Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High St.

Beginning at 6 p.m. members may pay their dues and cast their ballots. At 6:45 a potluck dinner will begin. Members are asked to use their own judgment about potluck dishes and to bring their own table service. The club will furnish the coffee. A small trip fee will be charged.

A list of nominees for the board of directors appears in the adjoining column.

Among business matters to be discussed and voted upon is the adoption of a set of constitutional amendments, some written to bring the provisions of the constitution in line with actual club practice over the years. The committee, headed by Dot Dotson, has been working on the amendments the greater part of the year.

Three-peak awards, given members who have climbed all three of the Sisters, will go to a dozen or more members. And at least seven members will get their "10-peaks" award for having climbed the major Cascade peaks from Hood to McLoughlin.

Earning the award will be:

Jim Jeppesen who earned it on Hood.

Elsie Dotson and Ron Green who earned it on Diamond.

Pat Stahl, Joe Frazier, Doris Shinn, and Mildred Ball who earned it on the Labor Day climb of Jefferson.

If you can't come to the annual meeting, you may vote by absentee ballot if you mail in your dues first to Lillian Johnson, 1895 Lawrence St.

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