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Merry Christmas


Upon assuming the duties of president, I must base my message on two factors very important to the future of the club. These concern the proposed club house and Obsidian climbing program.

We now have adequate property and funds available to build a modest club-house, provided we can foot the annual bill for upkeep. A study is being made by the present building committee to determine what these costs should be and where the revenue shall come from. If the committee's report is favorable, construction should take place some time next year.

Of greater concern to me now, however is the apparent deterioration of the Obsidian Climbing program during the past few years. During the past season, some climbs had to be cancelled or postponed due to the lack of leadership. Of the climbs completed, five had to be led by the Climbing Chairman. There were no winter climbs scheduled or even out-of-state climbs other than Rainier at summer camp and Mt. St. Helens, both of which had to be cancelled due to lack of leadership and overall climbing strength. Our climbing schools have brought many new climbers into the sport, only to have them leave Obsidian climbing for more interesting climbing. To me the reasons are quite apparent. While we have a good novice program, there is no club program for the experienced climber except leading novices, which is a

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The regular meeting of the Obsidian board of directors was held at the home of Kay Fahy on December 3, 1959. Those present were: Kay Fahy, Frances Freedenburg, Donn Chase, Anna Jeppesen, Geraldine Fehly, Mike Stahl, Lorena Shinn, Gene Renard, Ray Cavagnaro, Bob Medill, Ken Lodewick and Ray Sims.

The meeting was opened by Vice President Mike Stahl, in the absence of President Tom Taylor. After the minutes were read by G. Fehly, Mike had the board vote on the correspondence as to the location of the 1961 and 1962 Labor Day F.W.O.C. meetings. The 1960 meeting is to be in Washington, on the Hood Canal.

The usual informative committee reports made us realize that the Christmas party will soon be upon us, this year to be held at the Eugene Water Board building Dec. 20. Also word has just been received that an overnite New Years party is being considered with dinner the next day at Odell Lake Lodge.

Some discussion was made on the message of Tom Taylor, as a number of the board members remember when the climbing committee was formed back in 1948, with not unanimous acclaim.

Frances Freedenburg received the newly typed South Sister summit book and the original is to be placed in the U. of O.

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