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Four February Trips For Four February Days

Following are February trips planned by Ray Cavagnaro's trips committee:

Feb. 1 -- Ski again, this time up the McKenzie with Margaret Wiese.

Feb. 8 -- Cougar Mountain, east of Saginaw. Alvin Lynch will take us into new country.

Feb. 15 -- Saddleblanket Mountain in Winberry area, Wayne Bailey will lead.

Feb. 22 -- Nelson Mountain. Jim Richardson will lead us on this one, down in the Siuslaw country.

Saturday Trips?

Haw about some Saturday trips? Are there enough Obsidians who are bottled up on Sunday to make Saturday schedules worth while? These are questions that occurred to the trips committee, according to Bob Northrop who reported for Chairman Ray Cavagnaro at the January board meeting.

The thinking of the board was that it would be worth while to schedule a few Saturday trips and then to sit back and see what kind of response there is.

One thought was that Saturday trips are especially appealing to skiers, who go to the ski slopes on Sundays. This would let them get in some hiking, too.

And how about afternoon trips -- short hikes on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons? The board and the committees don't know how you feel unless you tell them.

Like Boating?

Commenting on the fact that ski tows seem to have killed the fine and rugged old sport of ski touring, Mike Stahl says 'Yeah, it's like asking who rows a boat anymore."

Youth Activities Plans Advanced

The Obsidian Youth Activities committee under chairmanship of Tom Taylor has been talking with Eugene YMCA officials about a climbing program for summer. So far all is tentative, and all plans will be subject to approval of the YMCA board, the club's youth activities committee and the Obsidian board.

But so far the idea that has the most favor calls for the Y to work out its own program, with the Obsidians furnishing leadership and support. A few Y climbs would be scheduled for the summer, and the teenagers would be invited to participate, also, in official club climbs. The board feels the Y climbers should be entitled to Obsidian summit certificates on climbs which are also open to Obsidian members.

There is a possibility of merging the club climbing school with the Y school that would be required before the Y boys attempted any mountains. Indoor sessions likely could be at the Y, with outdoor sessions in the Coburgs, as usual, under Obsidian leadership.

Members of Tom's committee are Gene Sebring, Ray Harris, Bette Harris, Mildred Ball and Lorena Shinn. It's not the club climbing committee, but it's surely a committee of climbers.

Winter Outing Plans Still on the Way

The winter outing will be in March. Details will be in the February bulletin. The possibility that it might be conducted in conjunction with the Craig race is no longer a probability, since there will probably be no Craig cross-country race. (See comment in adjoining column.)

Thus far most comment about the winter outing has seemed to favor the new Bachelor ski area which provides good climbing and scenery as well as skiing.

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