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Lot Sold at Last; Needed: A New Site

The club's lot at 17th and High Sts. is no longer ours. It has been sold, and for a good, fair price. That means that the building committee is all important this year.

For tax reasons we must acquire a new site for a building within a year. Last year we did quite a lot of looking for a new site, and perhaps that experience will be useful now.

President Jim Jeppesen asks that we all keep our ears to the ground. If we hear of anything good, let the board or the building committee know.

Also, he says, he thinks the "clubhouse" would be better known as a "lodge."

Some Spring Trips

Mar. 8 -- The University of Oregon campus.

Mar. 15 - A snow trip up the McKenzie.

Mar. 22 Cerro Gordo Mountain.

Mar. 29 - Easter. No official trip.

April 5 -- Bus trap to Bachelor and the Ski area there.

April 12 -- Hardesty Mountain loop trip via Wildwood Falls.

April 19 -- Sweet Creek, round trip via Route F tunnel.

April 26 -- Ward Butte in the Cottage Grove area.

Ray Cavagnaro's trips committee has now worked out a tentative trips schedule to last the club through Nov. 1. It will be included, with the climbing schedule, in a card or folder later in the spring. And in planning, don't forget the Rainier Summer Camp, August 2 to 15.

Winter Camp to Be On Crescent Lake

Gene Sebring, Mike Stahl's good right hand on the outing committee, says the winter camp will be at Tom Taylor's cabin on Crescent Lake Mar. 14 and 15.

Cars will be left at the Crescent Lake town, The ski or snowshoe trip in to the cabin is one mile. Skiing is available nearby. Campers should bring their own food and bedding. There is plenty of room in the cabin to sleep. Ski touring opportunities are numerous.

Climbing School

Climbing School this year will be in conjunction with the Youth Activities program with YMCA groups. Indoor meetings will be at the Y. Schedule follows:

April 22 -- Indoctrination, with slides and equipment. Indoors.

April 29 -- Indoor training session for knots, belays, rope handling, party management.

May 3 -- Training session in Coburgs.

May 6 -- Indoors again to go over whatever may have come up in outdoor session.

May l0 -- Coburgs again.

May 17 or 24 or 31, depending on the weather -- Three Fingered Jack climb.

The Jack climb will be both a graduation climb for the climbing course and a regular club climb. More details on this will likely be available in the next bulletin.

New Committee Head

The constitution has still not been revised. Mike Stahl is chairman of the committee, which will pick through the old document and propose changes for member action next fall.

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