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Changes Announced for Fourth of July

The schedule for the July 4-5 weekend has been changed in all details. Because of so many other activities and because of the expected crowd at Newberry Crater, that trip has been canceled. Obsidians are urged to go on one of the other trips instead.

The annual wilderness trip of Friends of the Three Sisters Wilderness, Inc. will go on as planned -- to Buck Meadows, for either two or three days, as individuals can arrange.

The snow school, scheduled for that weekend, has been put off one week. It will be on Collier Glacier and will complete the climbing school program.

In place of the snow school will be the climb of Mt. Hood, originally scheduled for the next weekend. Led by Lorena Shinn and Jim Jeppesen, it will be strictly a "fair weather climb." No climbing in bad weather, as the group did on last year's Hood climb, says Lorena.

A detailed prospectus outlining the climb, along with the sign-up sheet, has been posted at Gilbert's Shoe Store, 49 E. Broadway. It advises drivers to leave Eugene by 2 p.m. Saturday, July 4. Camp will be made at the forest camp we used last year, known variously as Swim and Still Creek, depending upon the map you use. To reach the camp, drive just past the Timberline Junction on the Mt. Hood highway and turn to the right.

We will get up about 4, starting the climb, from Timberline Lodge at 5. The expectation is that we'll return to the lodge late in the afternoon. That's on Sunday. It's a Sunday climb, not a 4th of July climb.

Full mountaineering equipment is required, including ice axe, crampons and the "10 essentials." Crampons may be rented in Portland or at Government Camp establishments.

Summer Outing -- Maybe, Maybe Not

Outing Committee Chairman Mike Stahl is feeling glum about the prospects of the scheduled summer camp at Mt. Ranier Aug. 2 to 16. Unless more persons sign up, he says, there just won't be one.

Tentatively he and Louis Waldorf had planned to scout the area over the 4th of July weekend. But now they don't know if the effort is worth while. At last report only two persons had definitely signed up although a number more had talked about going.

Mike says that if there is not definite improvement before July 4 in the size of the sign-up, he and Louis will not bother to make their scouting trip. And that will mean -- no summer camp this year.

Persons planning to go to the camp must let Mike know immediately, either by calling him at RI 7-9335 or by signing up at Gilbert's Shoe Store, 49 East Broadway.

Time is running out.

Building Site Option Picked Up

We once again have a building site. The board, by an 8-0 vote (Ray Cavagnaro absent), authorized picking up our option on the Brentlinger property south and east of Laurelwood Golf Course.

The board action called for purchase of the full 4.53 acres for $6,500. Members discussed the wisdom of two courses of action -- either using the full site for club purposes or holding a portion of it as an investment.

Now, with a building site established, plans for the structure itself can proceed. These will be worked out by Tom Taylor's building committee and the board and will be reported in detail in future issues of the Obsidian Bulletin. Much volunteer labor will be called for.

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