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Those attending the board meeting Nov. 3 at the home of Lorena Reid were Donn Chase, Ray Cavagnaro, Margaret Markley, Gene Renard, Art Johnson, Tom Taylor, B. Medill and Lorena Reid.

Most of the meeting was taken up in a discussion and the settlement of problems connected with the building. The concrete work is done and Bailey Castello has done some electrical work and Donn Chase has done some plumbing. Our contractor and builder, V. A. Harding, was there and presented a bill for work done $2222.10, which was ordered paid. Other bills presented and ordered paid were B. Medill, postage $6.00; Taxes, $39.44, net. Liability insurance, $42.31. Mike McCloskey, expenses as delegate to the Wilderness convention at Hood Canal, $21.15. Safety box rent U. S. National, $5.50. Mishlers, printing, $14.73. Tom Taylor, building, $99.00. It took a long time and lots of discussion to fill the various jobs but the following is the result, tentatively that is;

Vice President, Lorena Reid.
Sec. Treasurer, Ray Cavagnaro.
Trips: Margaret Markley.
Climbing: Ray Harris.
Outing: Gene Sebring.
Search and Rescue: Lorena and Alan Reid.
Entertainment: Dorothy Towlerton,
Library: Art Johnson.
Membership: Kay Fahy.
Auditing: Bob Lemon.
Building: Gene Renard.

Any changes made between now and next meeting will be in next bulletin, as will be positions not filled now.

The new constitution will be presented to the lodge at a meeting in January for discussion and voting on. Announcement will be made in the December issue.

Trip reports turned in by Gene Renard covering Fuji, Carpenter, Rebel, Pisgah, Beamers Ranch, McFarland, Erma Belle and Benson and Tenas Lakes, Scott Mt., Logger Butte with a total of 107 hikers.

Next board meeting will be at the home of Ray Cavagnaro, Dec. 1st.

Dean Rea has this to say about our new club house under the heading, "Business Beat", in the Register-Guard Oct. 31 and is reprinted here for those of you who missed it.

A long-time dream of the Obsidian Club, an outdoor organization, will soon materialize in a club house on a ridge in east Eugene.

Obsidians recently let a contract to build a two-level structure on a six acre site near the Laurelwood golf course. Total investment in the project may exceed $20,000, an official said.

The clubhouse will include two meeting rooms, a kitchen and storage space and is expected to be completed early next year.

The Obsidians, who once had a clubhouse in the Belknap Springs area, have planned for a Eugene building for some 15 years.

The proposed home for some 200 members was made possible primarily when the club realized a sizeable profit in the sale of property it had held in Eugene for a number of years, a club spokesman said.

The help of each and every one of us is necessary all the time but particularly at this time of the year when new committees are being formed and plans for the coming year are being made. C.K. Stalsberg wrote in the bulletin several years ago when he was President the following and what he said is just as true today as it was then, "The future of the Obsidians depends upon the ambition and co-operation of each of its members. A small group can not carry on the work of a large organization without serious setbacks and discouragements. Too often members say, "Let Dorr do it"; "Let Ray lead it"; "Let Bailey fix it"; etc. Every member must do his or her share. Even if you are not a board-member, a committee chairman, or a committee member, there are many things you can do and many responsibilities that you have." So don't hesitate to serve on a committee if asked and if not then offer suggestions. Criticize if you must but follow up with constructive suggestions.

How about some good pastime? If your dues are pastime you are.

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