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VOL. XX OBSIDIANS, INC. P.O. BOX 322 DECEMBER 1960 Eugene, Oregon NO. 11


Dear Fellow Obsidians.

This has been a very pleasant year for me in the club. First summer camp which brought me nothing but happy memories-due mostly to the wonderful committee I was lucky enough to get--and now the honor of serving as president.

This should be another active Obsidian year. Our Clubhouse will be ready to occupy early in 1961. We should be able to have many good times there and it will be nice to have all our records and books in one permanent place.

Everyone has been very responsive when asked to serve on a committee. As a result our committees are all headed and chairmen are going to use as many new members as possible on their committees.

I would like to see some skiiing activities. Maybe a club championship and most important of all--more things arranged with the younger members (those 10 to 16 years old). These younger members who are the future of our club, often don't enjoy trips or potlucks unless there are some of their own age group along.

We have 216 members who must work together, old and new, to make our club more active than ever in this, its 32 yr. Let's all turn out for everything. See you on the trail and at the next potluck.


The regular monthly meeting of the Board was held Dec. 1 with all officers and Board members present.

A letter from an Idaho Falls climbing club was received asking for information about the Obsidians, and our climbing school and activity.

The Treasurer reported a balance on hand as of Dec. 1 of 688.35. Bills approved for payment were Mishlers 15.33; postage 6.00; Architect fee 40.00; United Pipe 114.70; Fuller Paint 11.40; V.A. Harding Cont. 1800.27 (2nd installment).

Trips Committee: Margaret Markley, Chairman, received approval of Gene Renard, Mary Douglas Stovall, Jim Rear, Margaret Wiese as committee members. A short report of past month's trips was given and announcement of coming trips, a main event to be the Christmas tree trip on Dec. 11.

Building Committee: Gene Renard, chairman received approval for the following members: Bailey Castelloe, Gene Sebring, Mike Stahl, Lloyd Plaisted, Ray Cavagnaro (ex officio) as Treasurer.

Clubhouse progress is good. Large timber framing in place. Tom Taylor reports that he is in constant touch with contractor. There have been minor construction changes. Need of a gate was discussed for entrance, and the possibility of a clever design to suit the purpose. Work parties are a necessity and will be scheduled each Saturday.

Entertainment Committee: Dorothy Towlerton, Chairman, received approval for her committee of Barbara Hasek, Thelma Watson, Ken Lodewick, Bob Medill.

The annual Christmas Party will be held December 18 at Washington St. Recreation Center. The Obsidian Princesses will co-sponsor the event.

Constitution Revision Committee: Mike Stahl, Chairman. Request made to plan details for notification of membership. Discussion to be at special meeting.

Climbing Committee: Tom Taylor, Cbairman has not appointed a full committee as yet.

Library Committee: Art Johnson, Chairman, received approval for members, Lillian Johnson, Thelma Watson.

Publication Committee: Medill reported for Chairman Fehly. Committee approval was given for Barbara Hasek, Dorothy Raines, Myrtle Smith, and Bob Medill.

Scientific Committee: Mary Douglas Stovall Chairman received approval for Frances Newsom, Helen Weiser and Frank Sipe as committee members. Possibility of study club activity was discussed. Mary Douglas offered the support of her committee for any needed activity.

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