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The following trips have been lined up by the Trips Committee who will meet later this month to work out the schedule for the remainder of the year.

FEB. 21 - Spencer Butte

FEB. 27 - (Sat.) Ski & Snowshoe to Bohemia Mines via Sharpes Creek

FEB. 28 - Ski Trip up the McKenzie

MAR. 6 - Portland ZOO - There is a Museum of Science & Industry next door for you if you don't care about the zoo. If enough interest is shown this could be a bus trip so why not call Gene Renard and let him know now - Phone DI 3-1962

MAR. 13 - Lookout Point - Power House & Lowell Butte

MAR. 20 - Mt. Pisgah

MAR. 27 - Bridge Creek - Up the Willamette - Nice Waterfall & Prospector's cabin by a hidden trail.


The monthly Obsidian Board meeting was held at the brand new home of Tom and Janet Taylor, 3635 Donald St., February 4. Those present: Gerry Fehly, Ray Cavagnaro, Anna Jeppesen, Jim Jeppesen, Lorena Shinn, Ray Sims, Gene Renard, Mike Stahl, and Tom and Janet.

Gerry read the previous month's minutes, which were approved; Ray Cavagnaro gave a short treasurer's report.

Lorena reported that Jim Rear has been appointed chairman of the advanced Scout troop, whom we sponsor, so a representative from the club will be handled by Mike McCloskey and Mike Stahl.

Anna reported a very small crowd out at the last potluck at the Water Board basement, but the style show was of great interest, so was too bad more had not attended. Next potluck to be Saturday, February 20, and will be in charge of the Princesses.

In the absence of Kay Fahy, Ray Cavagnaro reported for her, turning in $126.00 in dues. Gene Renard reported that two trips recently made, Jasper Hills & Cliffs on January 10 and the overnight ski trip to the Gold Lake shelter, but the Noti Lookout Trip was not taken.

Jim Jeppesen reported meeting with his committee and that at least two climbing sessions inside and two outside this Spring, were planned. Probably two out-of-state climbs will be scheduled and six or eight every other week in Oregon.

Ray Sims reported on the meeting of the Recreation Commission of the city, mostly taken up with the budget; however it has been learned that "Horse Posse's" will be barred from the Three Sister trails... because of the flagrant use of the new Green Lake Trail in 1958.

Mike Stahl presented three drawings of the proposed Obsidian lodge and a long discussion prevailed.

Donn Chase arrived late as an exam had held him up but had several ideas for summer camp, which will be in Jefferson Park August 7 to 21, 1960. Selma has been engaged to again cook for us. Donn plans another meeting February 10th.

As discussion came back to the lodge... the board passed a resolution to give the building committee, composed of Gene Renard, Chairman, Bailey Castelloe, Mike Stahl, Ray Cavagnaro, and Lloyd Plaisted, authority to build a clubhouse with frequent reports to the Board and membership - with three points to definitely report to the board - in selecting an architect - programming - and opening the bids.

Tom Taylor gave nine points which he considered the important things to do at present: 1. Building Committee to have the power of the club; 2. Hire an architect as a designer; 3. Survey - corners - topog.; 4. Series of conferences between Committee and architect controlled by the Committee; 5. Plans - comm. & architect; 6. Bids - comm. accepts bids; 7. Contractor - comm. & arch.; 8. Monthly payment; 9. Final - acceptance and payment.

Board adjourned - March 3 - meet at Donn Chase home - 2590 Lincoln.


The next OBSIDIAN PICTURE NIGHT at Friendly House, Glen Sims will show old time 8mm movies from about 1938 forward. Bob Lemon - and other old-timers - come out and see yourself when you were young.

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