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The Obsidians' Annual Spring Banquet will be held at the Congregational Church at East 23rd and Potter Sts., Saturday April 23 at 6:30 P.M. Tickets will be $2.00 per person and can be reserved by calling Anna Jeppesen, DI 5-3434 or Ray Sims DI 4-9546. Reservations MUST be made by April 17th.

The "theme" for this year's banquet will be our Town Lodge - to be built at 29th and Spring Blvd. Tentative plans are in progress for the program and will be worked out at the potluck on April 16th at 6:30 P.M. at the Water Board Bldg. All should attend this potluck---especially the Committee Chairmen from all committees to work out their part. Please remember these two dates AND COME.


The regular Obsidian Board meeting was held April 7th, 1960, at the home of Anna and Henry Jeppesen.

Those present: Tom Taylor, Gerry Fehly, Frances Freedenburg, Kay Fahy, Lorena Shinn, Mike Stahl, Ray Cavagnaro, Jim Jeppesen, Donn Chase, Anna Jeppesen, Ray Sims, Gene Renard and Karl Onthank. Gerry read the minutes of the regular meeting in March and also the special meeting on March 24th.

Tom read the bills of the month, the Greyhound bus to Crater Lake, $182.11, Mishler's, $17.00, Bob Medill for stamps, $6,00 and Eugene Ins. Agency, $5.00 for Treasurer's bond. These were passed by the Board to be paid.

Frances Freedenburg reported doing the usual clipping for the scrapbooks and she turned the "duplicate" summit books in so they may be on display at Obsidian functions.

Gene Renard reported the progress of the building committee, showed a recent photo by Chickering taken above the lot to help in planning. Gene read Tom's plan up to now - the floor plan - size of rooms - then there was general discussion as to the size of the building. It was decided to have the lot surveyed by regular surveyers as the board members are too busy.

Gene also reported on the trip reports up to now: Nov. 8, Oregon Dunes, 22 hikers; Castle Rock on Nov. 15 with 17; Christmas Greenery on Dec. 13 with 16; Jasper Hills on Jan. 10 with 5; Coburg Hills Feb. 7 with 8; Spencer Butte, Feb. 21 with 20; Bohemia Mt. Skiing, Feb, 27, (Sat.) with 13; McKenzie Ski Trip to Proxy Falls, Feb. 28 with 7; April 3, Crater Lake by bus, 37.


April 16 (Sat,) Baldy - Harrick Hudson

April 23 (Sat,) SPRING BANQUET

April 24 Klickitat Mt. - Catherine Dunlop

April 30 May 1 - Susan Creek Forest Camp up North Umpqua & Steamboat Falls.

May 7 Prairie Peak - Coast (Sat,)

May 8 Silver Creek Falls

may 14-15 Coast - Bayard McConnaughey

May 22 Hendricks Bridge - Hobo Breakfast

May 28-29-30 Eastern Oregon - Phil Brogan and Ray Sims (probably to the Malheur Bird Refuge and Steens Mts.)

Anna reported 25 at the March Potluck -- which was greatly enjoyed. Color movies of a family climbing Spencer Butte and Henry Jeppesents movies of the trip to Canada, were shown. The potluck on April 16 is to plan in detail the program for the Spring Banquet.

Publications - Bob and Ray gathering the news - the bulletin will be out soon. Ray also reported the bus to Crater Lake was a big success as $68.00 was made from the trip to help build the Clubhouse.

Mike Stahl said that the Search & Rescue get-to-gether will be held at the Mazama club rooms April 29, a Friday at 8:00 PM. The Spring Conference to be at Mt. Rainier June 11-12,

Karl Onthank reported for the Wilderness Conference in Portland - also attending were Jim Jeppesen, Bob Frazier, and Gene Renard. The FWOC will also have their Spring Meeting at the Mazama Lodge, April 30, 1960. Many were at the recent Water Resources Board hearing held at Harris Hall for two days. Mike McCloskey made the most outstanding report at the meeting and the Obsidian Board voted a vote

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