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The regular meeting of the obsidian July Board meeting was held at the home of Karl & Ruth Onthank July 7th at 8 P.M. Those present were President Tom Taylor, Ray Cavagnaro, Gerry Fehly, Gene Renard, Anna Jeppesen, Donn Chase, Mike Stahl, Ray Sims, and Karl and Ruth Onthank. Tom opened the meeting by reading some of the correspondence and then Gerry read the June meeting's minutes.

Ray C. gave the treasurers report, bal. in the bank, $1035.41. Bills presented and passed were, P.O. Box rent $6. Bob Medill for stamps $9. John Chamberlain schedules $48. Tom, architect $50.

In one of the letters read by Tom, was a brochure of a book the Mountaineers of Seattle have published on all phases of mountaineering and club procedure, and the Board decided to purchase one for $5.

Membership chairman was absent but the secretary reported $16 in dues and one Senior and three Juniors - Sidney C. Jenkins, Peter Hintz, Mike Lutz and Sandra Chase.

Donn reported 19 were signed for one week and 14 for two weeks at summer camp and that a scouting trip will be made in two weeks and signs (arrows) will be put in Jefferson Park denoting the way to camp - when the camp is set up. A sure climb of Jefferson on the 13th and 14th weekend with Tom Taylor as Leader. Anna reports the next entertainment as a picnic at Myrtie Hamlin's, 1570 High on July 21 (Thurs.) at 6:30 - all will remember Myrtie's shady backyard.

Anna also reported that 68 were in attendance at the potluck featuring the Outing rally on June 17th and Donn spoke of the importance of those that have signed to at least pay the deposit and before the deadline of July 30 - all must be paid - so the committee can buy the camp supplies.

Building report - Gene has been on vacation but Tom reported that a number of things important to building should be signed for, utilities, insurance, both liability and fire - he described the building terms in general - a meeting of the committee will be held soon.

Gene also reported the trip reports of March 20, Pisgah with 20 hikers; May 1, Prairie peak with 11; May 8, Silver Cr. Falls with 18; June 5, Odell Butte with 12 Obsidians and 10 Chemeketans.

Mike Stahl reported 201 on the Wilderness trip with 20 climbing the Middle Sister. Board voted to make it official.

Conservation - Karl reported hearing from the Sierra club but they were unable to send a man at present to help with the Northest's problems. He reported that the Box Canyon road is good from the South Fork to Westfir, connecting the McKenzie and Willamette.

Karl wishes more members to attend the F.W.O.C. convention on the Hood Canal in the state of Washington - besides a labor day vacation in a grand country there are many contacts with other clubs - if in doubt inquire of Frances Newsom or Ruth Onthank as to the value of attending.

Ray Sims reported that the Recreation commission was at a low ebb because of the 400 majority who turned the request to further recreation at Spencer Butte and the new area across the river down. Ray also reported on the presentation of the Obsidian plaque to the Mazamas. Another request he is fulfilling is helping the Forest Service recreation to evaluate the mountains in the national forests from Mt. Jefferson to Diamond Peak - seven in all. In the information they plan to put in print, they will have kind of mountain in each district as to its hardness to climb, its beauty to the public, its actual makeup as to its glaciers, snowfields, and hard or soft rock-its steepeness, or broad sweeping snow-fields. Also the many different routes up each of the seven peaks (that we have climbed so many times). This is a new venture to the Forest Service recreation--but a necessary feature. Ray Sims.

Next meeting at Tom Taylor's, 3635 Donald St., AUG. 4, 1960.


If one compares prices of today with commodity prices of 20 years ago then our summer outings are real bargains. Have just read write-up about the summer camp in Jeff Park for 1939. It was for one week and the cost: $15. That's about $25 or $30 for two weeks as against $55 for 2 weeks now.

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