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P. O. Box 322 Eugene, Oregon
Vol. XXI OCTOBER 1961 No. 9


Oct. 22 DEER BUTTE (Q). Loop trip via finger Board Prairie. Henry Carlson, Leader.

Oct. 28 (Sat.) LOGGER BUTTE. Drive by Hills Creek Dam and see this upper country of the Middle Fork of the Willamette. Dorothy Towlerton, Leader.

Oct. 29 HUCKLEBERRY MT. Visit another Huckleberry Lake. Richard Standfield, Leader.

Nov. 5 ROSARY LAKES AND ROSARY ROCK. Tom Taylor, leader.

Nov. 12 COAST TRIP. Sand dunes south of Florence. Frances Newsom, leader.


The Obsidian Chiefs met September 20 at the lodge and formulated plans for a reunion and initiation at the lodge November 11 and 12, 1961. On the 12th an invitation to the ladies of the club is extended to join in a grand potluck dinner with the many chiefs who plan to attend. A 1 o'clock dinner should be the time.

Thanks to Bob Medill who has stencilled all but this page of the bulletin so the editor could go on a vacation at bulletin time.


Gerry is such a nice person. She just does not want to hurt my feelings, but this is her way of saying she will not be responsible for any grammaticle errors from here on. You will be missed, Gerry, but have a good time.

Ain't ain't wrong anymore, so if we use it in the bulletin, just remember that it is now accepted and is in the new Websters dictionary.


In the September issue of the bulletin, notes from the Board meeting contained the statement that "It was suggested that each person signing for trips should be responsible for finding his own transportation...". This should have read: "It was suggested that each person signing for climbs should be responsible for finding his own transportation...". There has been no change in the transportation policy for trips. On a one-day trip the party meets at the place designated and pools transportation according to instructions of leader. On overnight trips, follow instructions of leader on sign-up sheet.

Margaret Markley.

Inadvertently omitted from the roster of persons listed as attending summer Camp Chase in the September bulletin was the name of MARGARET WIESE, who came from her parents' home in Omaha to join the group for her first summer camp.

And maybe you think the editor's face isn't red over both of the above errors. I apologize. Gerry

MIKE AND DOROTHY STAHL have a new address: 1566 Willamette St.

KITTY LOU SHAW is now MRS. KENNETH HOLDEN, 357 Dell Lane, Bend, Ore.

DWIGHT BERREMAN'S new address is 120 Hillcrest Ave., Morristown, N.J.

The latest dope on the Pacific Crest Trails is that the Oregon map is now ready and that both the maps can be obtained at the Willamette National Forest office in the P. O. Bldg in Eugene.

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