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FOR MANY years the Obsidians have planned to own a clubhouse. It was a topic of conversation wherever members gathered. A mountain house seemed desirable to many, a central meeting place close to town was appealing to others. After many years, and after many problems were solved, the beautiful dream of a clubhouse has become a wonderful reality.

For these many years, many functions were held and the proceeds were directed to a Building Fund. The club saved its money very carefully, invested it wisely in Government bonds and savings account. The sale of a town lot at 17th and High for a large profit was the final step we were awaiting.

We have a clubhouse, and a very handsome structure it is. It has taken most of the Building Fund to accomplish. Now the interior must be finished, and the clubhouse furnished. This will take additional money. In the years past, members pledged their support, and many donations were received. The funds were carefully recorded and set aside. One of the stipulations was that members did not have to make a pledge until some visible evidence of construction appeared. Now we have it! We can complete our fine clubhouse if every one will complete his pledge. The treasurer will drop you a note about the amount of your pledge, and ask your help. Too, if there are any members who have not participated, we ask their help in completing our fine Clubhouse.


We have 312 MJB and 173 Folgers.


APRIL 15 - (SAT.) ROOSTER ROCK, Good view of South Santiam River canyon. Dorothy Towlerton, leader.

APRIL 16 - CLOVER PATCH BUTTE (Q). A good hike from north side of Lookout Point Reservoir. Don White, Leader.

APRIL 22 - 23 - ILLINOIS RIVER OVERNIGHT South of Grants Pass. Hike along river to see Kalmiopsis Leachiana in bloom. James Kezer, leader.

APRIL 30 - TOUR OF CARMEN-SMITH PROJECT Conducted by Byron Price. A fine opportunity to see the construction and the tunnel on this EWEB project.

MAY 6-7 - HUMBUG MT. STATE PARK OVERNIGHT Bus trip. Climb Humbug Mt., visit Prehistoric Garden, and stop for beachcombing. Jim Rear, leader.


Will give an illustrated lecture on the Carmen - Smith project at the April 15th Pot-luck to be held at the Water Board building. This will be very interesting as it precedes our scheduled tour of the Carmen-Smith operations that Margaret M. has for us on April 30.

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