The Obsidian Bulletin, May 1961, p. 1

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P. O. Box 322 Eugene, Oregon
Vol. XXI May 1961 No. 5


PLANS ARE GOING AHEAD FOR SUMMER CAMP. Jim Jeppesen, in cooperation with the Sawtooth National Forest Service, has selected a rather isolated section where the inlet to the lake enters. Other outdoor clubs have used this site and it is away from the public camping area. The Forest Service has notified Jim that they will do everything they can to keep the area open for us on our dates. Be sure to attend the summer camp rally at OUR CLUB HOUSE SATURDAY NITE, MAY 20. POTLUCK AT 6:30, followed by a short bit of entertainment that is warranted to be different and then you will see pictures of the camp area where we will be and also hear what information the camp committee can give. Even if you do not intend to go to summer camp--come anyway. You know our potlucks and the special entertainment and pictures of Redfish Lake will make it worth your while.

ALAN REID has turned out the most complete Search and Rescue manual and direction book to be seen. Includes several pages containing all the information that anyone could ask and the whole job is beautifully bound. A really nice job -- well done. Thank you Alan.

And thanks to Ray Harris who has made and delivered to the clubhouse three very lovely and substantial andirons for the fireplace. Not going to tell you what they look like. You'll have to come up and see for yourselves.

KENNETH LODEWICK is planning a monthly paper for Friendly House. Ray Sims is the Editor with Mary Castelloe assisting.

SAVE THOSE COFFEE BANDS - - - - - We now have 310 Folgers and 332 MJB

We are also collecting Betty Crocker Coupons. (See Princess News)

We have 175


May 14- Sunday: Waldorfs are showing pictures of Arizona.

May 22-Obsidian night: Mary Douglass Stovall will show her collection of pictures of flowers and plants.


MAY 13-Mt. June with Donn Chase. This is Saturday, and if you have never been chased up this mountain by a plumber now is your chance. One of the most beautiful easy climbs - close.

MAY 14-Hobo breakfast at Hendricks Bridge Park. Call Catherine Dunlop for information.

MAY 20-Sat. Iron Mountain with Adeline Adams. Come along and see why this trip is repeated so often.

MAY 21-Silver Falls State Park. Call Ray Cavagnaro for details.


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