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P. O. Box 322 Eugene, Oregon
Vol. XXI July - August, 1961 No. 7


22-23 GREEN LAKES BACK PACK TRIP (Q) Visit Cayuse Cone on Sunday for lava bombs. Ldr. "Bomber" Medill.

30 OBSIDIAN LOOP TRIP (Q}. A favorite trip past Obsidian Falls, Sisters Spring, and Sunshine Shelter. R. O. McWilliams, Leader. "Mac" will lead you "smack" to all the right places.


6-20 SUMMER CAMP (Q). Sawtooth Range in Idaho. "The Place To Go Is Idaho."

6 SCOTT MT. (Q). Another trip to the upper McKenzie area. Keith Brunig, leader. Keith will lead you o'er the heath.

20 VIVIAN LAKE (Q). Another qualifying hike with qualified leader, George Hermach.

26-27 ROCK HUNT IN CENTRAL OREGON. Search the rims with Glen Sims.


2-3-4 NORTH WALDO LAKE-The trip to take-Bob Medill, leader.

9-10 OVERNIGHT AT IRISH LAKE. And begorrah it'll be a fine Sunday hike to McFarland Lake and other beauty spots with Gene Renard-qualifying too.

16- (Sat.) MAXWELL BUTTE (Q) Goo viewpoint in Santiam Pass area. Able leader - Mike McCloskey.

17 SIMS BUTTE. A cinder cone near Obsidian Trail. Just a lark with Mark. Mark McLaughlin, leader.


How to get there and other items about the country. There are two ways to go. . . one by Bend and Burns and the other by Redmond and John Day. There is only a 3-mile difference in distance, but perhaps an hour and a half difference in driving time. The southern route is all desert, while the route thru Prineville is thru mountains and timber. There are no camp sites via Burns 'til one gets to Hammet, Idaho, which is 60 miles east of Boise. This is about 525 miles from Eugene. This Park is a State Park. Going via John day there is a very nice Forest Service camp 43 miles east of John Day. As you drive into this camp you will find the upper part is for picnicking but drive down the hill to the overnight area. This camp is about 300 miles from Eugene. Total distance to Little Redfish Lake is 670 miles. Six miles beyond the Post Office of Obsidian is the road into Redfish Lake and we will be camped at the first campground. There are several things to do and places to go--things to see like old mining towns that will be discussed 'round the campfire. Because of the necessity of placing our food orders a week in advance there, which will mean ten days in advance here, it is imperative that you sign up for camp NOW . There are no bears in this camp to bother us. There will be no bus. So sign up NOW and let us know if you will want a ride, or if you can take any passengers.

Phil Michael came to live with Ray & Betty Harris June 15. Ray was one of three selected from his fleet for a three-weeks' tour of Europe with the Sixth Fleet.

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