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VOL XXIII November 1962 No. 2


To those of you who have not been up to the Lodge lately, you wouldn't know the place. The kitchen is practically done. Just a few small details to be finished. The cedar paneling is all on the walls, both down stairs and up in the Board room and has all been painted with a sealer and varnish. The acoustics are greatly improved by the paneling and also much warmer.

Some of the members who have been working up there are not the only ones who are busy at the cabin. Seems like the woodpeckers are having a yen to get at the inside. Anyway they sure have been busy cutting holes thru the walls. They have 3 or 4 holes thru now and are at work pecking more. We were plagued with pack rats up at Belknap. Here it is woodpeckers. Bailey Castelloe has ordered some stuff to put on the outside walls just under the eaves. It is called, "Roost-No-More" and it is hoped that this will discourage them. It if doesn't they will have to be discouraged some way.

Taxes on the lodge and property this year were $303.42. To me, this is direct double taxation. We pay taxes on our homes where we live and I do not see the justice in being taxed for a place where we go just to meet together. Our only recourse is to write our legislator if we feel that this tax is unwarranted.

DANCE & RELAX - Tuesday, Nov. 13 7:30 to 9:30

The Obsidian dance group sponsored by the entertainment committee is a very informal bunch, consisting of anyone interested in taking part or just sitting and visiting or listening to the music. This will be a general open house at the Lodge at which no real work will be accomplished but some pleasant relaxation will be attained. There will be light refreshments Tentative date for next meeting, Nov. 29.


Annual Meeting - November 16.


Barbara Hasek was given the name Princess "Sun-on-the-Snow" and Margaret Wiese Princess "Prairie Flower" at the annual initiation ceremony put on by the Princesses Oct. 27 and 28 at their secret mountain retreat, Pres. Lorena Reid, Princess Alpine Fir, officiated at the rite. Others participating, in order of their rank were:

Ethel Glaze Flying Arrow
Myrtie Hamlin Drifting Cloud
Helen Kilpatrick Evening Star
Nellie McWilliams Lightning
Thelma Watson Pine Tree
Helen Smith Moon Dancer
Mary Castelloe Orange Blossom
Catherine Dunlop Ollalie
Edna Temple Snow Flower
Anna Pechanec Deer Fern
Margaret Markley Rainbow-on-the Fog
Dorothy Scherer Vine Maple
Mary Kaneen Grey Feather
Jane Hilt Silver Birch
Charla Eubanks Pine Siskin
JoAnn Wesley Kalmia

The group enjoyed a bountiful dinner around the campfire, before retiring to their beds of pine and balsam in their teepees or out under the stars. The weather was warm and clear. On Sunday there was a short session of exercises and a stroll along the river, to look at teepees of neighboring tribes, and to enjoy the fall coloring and to discover mushrooms. A trip was made to one of white man's big earth dams and beyond to a secret forest camp. Bright spots of color on the hills made the landscape beautiful, and on returning to the camp site, everyone was very reluctant to return to the valey (which they found envenoped in dense fog).

The Princesses want to thank the owners of the place they so kindly allowed us to use for our initiation.

The next Princess meeting will be held at the Lodge on Nov. 19th. Nellie McWilliams and Lorena Reid will Hostess. 7:30pm.

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