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Vol. XXII January 1962 No. 3


Jan. 14. Mr. L.E. Watson will show pictures of Mexico.

Jan. 22. Obsidian night. Rev. Berger. A tour of the Alps.


Jan. 26. Mr. and Mrs. H. Harrison Clarke will show pictures of Australia with a sound recording of the song of the Lyre bird, Lots of animal, bird and flower pictures. Science Building. 8 P. M.

On the recent bird count some one reported 2 red flamingos. Going back to be sure, it was discovered that they were of concrete and were on some ones lawn.


Watch the Register Guard. We do not have the line up.

SIERRA CLUB BULLETIN for November has a picture of our own Mike McCloskey and an article telling about the work he is doing for conservation. The article says, and we quote, "Mike is now on the job, and the appeal he wrote on the Waldo Lake problem has now resulted in a review of all Forest Service policies for the high Cascades." The Obsidian club has just received a copy of his report on the Mount Jefferson area and a more complete report just could not be. The report covers 38 pages and represents a vast amount of research and just plain hard work. Anyone interested in reading this report, and it is an eye opener, call Bob Medill and he will see that you get it.

Interest in conservation is increasing rapidly, with more and more articles in magazines and newspapers,even trade journals, having write-ups on the necessity of a more complete analysis of the problem.

Steve Hadley's name was inadvertently left out of the article on the Chief's Big Night, but we can assure you that he was very much there. Sorry, Steve. And we hope that we have not missed anyone who was out on the New Years party.


President......Bob Medill.......RI 6-2908
Vice Pres......Gene Renard......DI 3-1962
Secty-Treas....D. Towlerton......DI 5-4079

Board Members: Above and Donn Chase, Art Johnson, Margaret Markley, Gene Sebring, Don Hunter and Kay Fahy.

Editor........Helen Smith ......DI 3-4720
Junior Editor..Charla Eubanks...DI 3-6341


The first hike of the New Year, without any argument, can go to those who took part in the New Years party. This trip began just after midnight, led by Donn Chase, and if anyone knew just where we all went could, undoubtedly, be classed as qualifying, but after we got back no one knew just where we had been. Anyway it was a nice and unusual hike and we all enjoyed it. After getting back to the cabin we were not long out of our beds. Another unusual thing about this party was a tape recording that Reeve Johannis took of the various snores of the sleepers. The party was held up in the cabin of the Chase's up on Salt Creek. The evening began with a potluck supper. Then games and pictures took up the time until midnight. Donn and Ted cooked and served breakfast (no strings in the hotcakes), then some climbed Baby Rock, while others sought the snow country. The day was one of perfect sunshine all day, until, on the way home when we ran into the blackest fog at Lowell. Then fog from there on home. Those who were there for the night and next day; Donn Chase, Lorene Bressler, Haze Bressler, Bob Medill, Dorothy Towlerton, Harold Hooker, Ina Foss, Margaret Markley, Catherine Dunlop, Anna Pechanec, Charla Eubanks, Lonnie Meats, Robin Brant, Hella Modersohn, Ted, Mary Jo, Reeve and Rhonda Johannis. Those up for the evening Bailey Castelloe, Mary Castelloe, Ray Sims Myrtle Smith and Mary Medill.

Douglas Clair came to live with the Stahls December 14th. He was found at the Sacred Heart Hospital. Another potential Obsidian.

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