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P. O. Box 322 Eugene, Oregon
Vol. XXII February 1962 No. 4


It is imperative that people going on trips either sign up or phone the leader. Failure to do so may lead to the cancellation of the trip. It helps the leader a lot to know in advance just how many are going on the trip, who wants a ride, and who can furnish rides.


Feb. 4th, Sun: Cow Horn Lookout. Charla Euganks is the leader and everyone hopes that she knows where it is as no one else does.

Feb. 10th, Sat: Gibson Island out in Fern Ridge Lake. Whatcha got out there, Emma? A still? Emma Wright will lead. This ought to be a good trip for Robinson C.

Feb. 17th, Sat: Rosary Lakes. This will be a snow shoe or ski trip. Reeves Johannis, leader.

Feb. 24th, Sat: Southern Pacific shops & yards. It has been several years since we went there. You wouldn't know the old place now. Better go. The only thing that is the same are the rails and the wheels.

Feb. 25th, Sun: Cerro Gordo. What is going to make this trip more interesting is that Adeline Adams is going to lead. This is out east of Cottage Grove and near Dorena Dam.

Mar. 4: Mt. Hood by bus. See separate article.

SUMMER CAMP will be from August 5th to August 18th, but the place has not been selected as yet. The committee is considering so many places that it is taking a little more time than it would ordinarily.

POT LUCK -- Don't forget the next pot luck supper. It's to be at the club house on Saturday, February 17th, at 6:30 p.m. Of course, if we have another blizzard, we may have to wait till July to be sure of good weather!

MT. HOOD - MARCH 4, 1962

Again this year let's fill another Greyhound bus for a grand day of skiin' and picture-taking at famous Timberline Hotel This is a month earlier than last year, but the snow should be at its best, and we discovered a fine new chairlift below the lodge last year. Remember the ride on the "snow-cat" up to near Crater Rock? Sign up at Gilbert's Shoe Store early, as again the fare will be $6 for a bus load of 30. Ray Sims is making arrangements. Bus will leave from the Greyhound depot at 6 a.m.


We are going to try something new on this two-day trip to the Seattle World's Fair. The new angle is this: A SHEET WILL BE POSTED ON THE OBSIDIAN BOARD AT GILBERT'S SHOE STORE, BUT JUST SIGN IF INTERESTED. AT THIS TIME THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO GO; WE JUST WANT TO SEE IF ENOUGH WANT TO GO THIS WAY. Those of the OBSIDIANS who have taken these two day or even longer trips know that it is a grand way to travel. "Leave the driving to Greyhound." The bus fare round-trip, leaving very early Sat. and leaving Seattle the middle of the afternoon Sunday, is only $10.70. Do sign up for this fine two days. Ray Sims will be in charge. We may leave at 6 p.m. Friday, spending two nights in Seattle.

TRAILS CLUB OF PORTLAND extend an invitation to Obsidians to attend their annual banquet February 10th at the Anchorage Restaurant in Portland at 7 p.m. Reservations accompanied by $3 to Dorothy Plattner, 637 NE 21st Av. Ptld. 12 not later than Feb. 8th.

Mac's ski and snow shoe trip fell through because of snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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