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Vol. XXII April 1962 No. 6


The Greyhound bus loaded with 38 Obsidians and friends bound for Seattle's World Fair will leave 19th & Patterson streets at 6 P.M. Friday, May 18, 1962. The first stop will be at the T & R restaurant opposite Albany for dinner. Then on the way to Auburn, Wn. Other stops may be made, however Auburn should be reached by midnight.

After "a night's sleep" we will have breakfast in Auburn. As the bus will not be allowed in the fairgrounds, we will get off at the depot of the Monorail (Westlake Mall) in the heart of the city and ride to the fairgrounds.

The Fair opens at 10 A.M. so the day of Saturday will be spent there. There are too many things to do and see than time will allow, however, an appointed hour will be made to meet our Greyhound for a return trip to Auburn.

Sunday again will be spent at the Fair and I will mention two reasons why - in 1950 we left our camp in the Tetons and "spent" the day in Yellowstone Park - most people take 3 days. Again in 1959 I spent a day at the Centennial in Portland - many things were missed.

Yes, I am sure we can spend two days at this beautiful "fair of tomorrow".

Return to Eugene Sunday night, May 20.

Ray Sims, Leader

NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY will meet Friday, April 20, at 8 p.m., in 150 Science Building, University campus. Dr. Olaus J. Murie, one of the country's outstanding and highly esteemed naturalists, will be the speaker. His topic will be the Arctic Wildlife Range, the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. He has both colored slides and a 20 minute color sound motion picture made on one of his expeditions there. The public is invited.

THANK YOU Myrtie for two more floor lamps.

POTLUCK - April 14 - at the CLUBHOUSE Everyone come.

PICTURE NIGHT - April 30 - Wild Flowers by Mary Douglass Stovall.


Princesses will meet April 16 at the home of Mrs. Daniel (Dolores) Haddad, 60 Queens Way. Mrs. Gene (Virginia) Sebring will be co-hostess.


Gene Renard and family are going to the Land of leis and Alohas where they will be known as Haole Malahini's. We will all miss you, Gene, even those who have never met you, because of your active interest in the betterment of the Obsidian's and of the work and time that you have contributed to the planning and leading of trips and towards our club-house.

Don't get confused in directions over there. The natives don't know east from south themselves, but have just two directions.

Mauka (towards the mountains) and Makai (towards the sea). So that is all there is to it, Gene. Aloha and Mahalo Nui for all you have done for us. Aloha.


April 15 - The Holy Land by Jack Gruber

April 22 - Archeology by John Wells

29 - Rev. Robert Burger - Castles in Europe, The Alps including a climb of the Matterhoen

May 6 - Marilyn Dickerson

"FLASH" Looks like Summer Camp will be near Mt. Baker - not positive until trial run has been made. Jim Jeppeson will make a trip there soon.

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