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May 12. Sat. Linton Lake. This is a very pretty place and just a short hike in from the Hiway. Art Johnson will be the leader. Be careful, Art; this is where the old man went into a couple of years ago and couldn't find his way out.

May 19 and 20. Bus trip to Seattle to the fair. No local trip.

May 27. Sat. Above Oakridge along Salt Cr. and up to Heather. Heather is just a mark on the railroad map, but there are some very pretty spots around there. Plumber Donn Chase is going to lead this one.

May 30. Memorial Day. Hobo breakfast at the club-house. There will be a bird hunt before breakfast to start at 6 Standard time with breakfast to start at 730 standard time. Breakfast to continue till about 10 to accommodate late comers. Further details about this day will be found on another page.

June 2.Sat. Sardines, Lookout. At press time we do not know who is going to drag the seine, but this Sardine hunt will be up in the Fall Creek area and the walking is reputed to be all down hill.

June 10 Sun. A renewal of our trip last year to the Carmen-Smith Dam project. Very interesting and it might be dam-p. Byron Price will be our escort.


May 25 at 8.P.M. fast time or 7 P.M. standard time. Take your choice. This will be the last meeting of the year. There will be election of officers followed by pictures and a talk on the geology of Dinasore National Monument by Allen Hagood.


Between Eugene and Glenwood the Hiway Department is taking out the divider strip leaving a space about 3 feet wide and 4 inches deep. The other night that it rained so much this space filled with water. Daylight drivers saw the incongrous sight of a bunch of mallards trying to find breakfast at the bottom of the water.


May 28 will be the next Obsidian Picture night and the program will be the showing of pictures taken at the Seattle Fair by those going on the Obsidian bus trip.

May 13. Keith Wolf will take us thru Zion Grand and Bryce canyons.

May 20. Bob Medill will show pictures of their recent tour of the deep South. Key West, Nassau, Miami, Mardi Gra, etc.

May 27. Paul and Helen Weiser, Sierras, Mt. Lassen, Rail Fan trip in Calif. on old time Railroad, Old mining camps,etc.


May 12th. Come out and see the newly painted ceiling. Thanks to Dorothy Towlerton. She didn't do it all but if it hadn't been for her it would not be done yet. And for those who want to see them, Bob Medill will show pictures of their recent trip. Time: 6 P.M. Standard.


Will meet at the Teepee of Princess Moon Dance, 950 Hammock, May 21, Princess Lighting will be co-assistant. Watchout girls, for a stranger among you.


Don't forget we are co-hosts with the Chemeketans to handle the F.W.O.C. Convention this fall. And we will need volunteers to help. This will give all of us Obsidians a real good opportunity to attend, as the convention will be at the Boy Scouts camp on Siltcoos Lake.


Its not the policy of this bulletin to get into political discussions, but when one of our members is involved we feel it of enough interest to all members to be so informed. Mike is running for State Legislature and to those of us who know Mike, we can say there is no question as to his qualifications, integrity and ability. He is also an Obsidian Chief.

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