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The Annual Business meeting with election of officers and potluck dinner will be held on October 12 at the clubhouse.

Dinner will be served at 6:45 p.m. with the business meeting following. A trip fee will be charged. Annual reports of all committee chairmen will be given.

1962-63 dues are payable at this time; those whose dues are paid are eligible to vote.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE presents the following for election to the board for the 1962-63 year:

Dr. Robert G. Dark
Stanley Hasek
Dr. Lawrence Hilt
Douglas Spencer
Betty Boeshans
Mary Jo Johannis

Retiring are:

Kay Fahy
Donn Chase
Gene Renard

Continuing Members:

Don Hunter
Art Johnson
Margaret Markley
Bob Medill
Gene Sebring
Dorothy Towlerton


Summer Camp at Twin Lakes, Washington was a camp to remember. In spite of rain in more than sufficient quantities a most wonderful time was had by all. Seven days of rain and seven days of sunshine kept the camp in high spirits.

The days of sunshine revealed a beautiful Canadian Rocky type of scenic beauty, with enough mountains to "drive a mountain climber crazy" as one energetic and enthusiastic climber expressed it.

The days of rain brought forth all of the talent in the group. Kay Fahy produced fun for the juniors, taking them into one of the large tents, warmed by 2 Coleman lanterns, they were entertained with games, cards, reading, and on the very rainiest day of all Kay and Myrtle Smith together with four of the tallest men holding a large plastic sheet over the actors for a protection from the driving rain, performed Pokey Huntus & John Smith to the merriment of all. The President's Tea was treated to a second performance of the same play which Mary Castelloe had brought to camp.

Keeping the fires going was task which called for the ingenuity of all in camp. A boat pump used as a bellows was needed to keep the fire in the cookstove burning until, finally, the camp committee went forth to various and sundry places and brought dry wood. At last came the Forest Service and also the native hermit and rescued us.

Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker were the center of the pictures takers delight but inclement weather kept the climbers at bay.

Even with so much rain it was Hip! Hip! Hooray for CAMP MEDILL from 62 enthusiastic campers.

Thank you, Jim, Kay and Lloyd for a very nice camp.


More than 100 persons representing 17 outdoor clubs gathered at Camp Baker on Tsiltcoos lake for the 31st annual convention.

Various clubs along the Pacific Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles; east to Utah, and west to Hawaii were represented.

A visit to the Sand Dunes, panel discussions, a back packing demonstration, a number of speakers, including George Selko, retired special assistant to the secretary of agriculture.

Twenty resolutions were passed as the

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