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ANNUAL MEETING saw 32 cars parked at the Lodge and the parking area could have held another one or two. Three Sisters awards went to Dorothy Towlerton, Clarence Landes, Stanley, Barbara, Norman, Bob Hasek, Judi Hurst, Don Hunter, Bob Bauman, and Bob Ashworth. Ten peak awards were won by Bob Bauman, Frank Moore, Charla Eubanks Kirk McLaughlin, Bob Dark and Tom Taylor. Treasurer's report shows receipts for the year of $3411.47 With a balance on hand at the beginning of the fiscal year of $538.96. Expenditures were $2904.94. This leaves a balance at the beginning of the year of $1045.49, Savings account $116.48 Bonds maturing in November $1000.00 Trips Committee showed 743 persons went on 37 trips. Gross income $363.23. Expenses of $210.55. Climbing Committee report shows 16 Mt. tops achieved. Income $230.10, with expenses of $134.35. Entertainment Committee took in $113.71 with expenses of $3.95. Outing Committee received $1255 and spent $1009.89. Building Committee had income of $160 for chairs & $60 for tables. Also reported by the B.C. was the improved parking lot. The excavation and graveling of the North entrance finishing interior painting downstairs, placing of masonite board around the eaves eliminating woodpecker trouble, installing ventilaters in toilets, entrance gate, completion of kitchen cabinets, installation of automatic electric light at the north entrance. Much of this work and material was donation. Search and Rescue reported no lives lost. In fact no one lost at all Membership Committee reports 244 members in good standing. 10 Juniors promoted to Seniors. 43 new members. Frank Moore of Youths Committee had several trips including one cave exploring trip to Eastern Oregon in which a 1923 Guard was found It had an article telling of John Bovard leading a group of Boy Scouts on a mountain climb. One mountain climbing trip and two sessions in a first aid. His boys also has a show and display at the fairgrounds. Publications listed work done as 300 membership lists, 500 sign-up sheets, Moresco folders 40, Postal cards dues reminder 100, summer camp brochures 250, instructions to leaders 100, Annual meeting notices 175, Ballots 120, membership renewal forms 300, notices of constitution change 175, 2640 4, 6, and 8 page bulletins with income of $4 for subscriptions and $3 for advertising. Karl Onthank spoke for Don Hunter and Mike McCloskey and told of the work they are doing and what they have accomplished. Proposed amendment change, after considerable discussion and explaining carried almost unanimously. The idea of holding Board Meetings at pot-luck dinners got a cool reception. In fact it was a cold one. It was decided, tho, that when the Board had something of interest to the Club, that they would have an agenda printed in the Bulletin previous to the meeting so those who may be interested could attend.

New board members elected are Mary Castelloe, Mac McWilliams, William Martyn.

ADELINE ADAMS we were all pleased to see you at the Annual Meeting, and looking so chic, too.

ROBIN LODEWICK has her name to go on a chair. Just so she wont forget who she is

LORENE BRESSLER also has contributed to the chair fund.

GARY KIRK, formerly of Roseburg now has a position with the Register-Guard and is making his home here.

MAGARET MARKLEY sympathies are extended to Margaret during her mother's serious illness and to Margaret's mother we all extend our thoughts and best wishes.

TAKEN FROM THE LODGE ARE FOUR COPIES OF SUMMIT BOOKS. The only one left is a copy of the Thielson summit book. Some plan is going to have to be worked out so that when one or more is taken, to have the person taking them sign for them. These were sorely needed at the Annual Meeting.

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