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Bob is a newcomer into the Obsidians, but has taken such a deep interest and such an active part in our affairs that we are fortunate indeed to have him lead us thru the next year. Bob was born in Oklahoma and came to Eugene in 1960 and opened up his office as dentist. He has a most charming wife and two children, all of them Obsidians. The daughter, Delyn is at home and the son, Chuck, is now homesick in the Navy. Other officers, committee chairmen and committee members are as follows: Vice President: Gene Sebring,
Secretary: Mary Castelloe
Treasurer: Dorothy Towlerton

TRIPS: Mac Mc McWilliams, Helen Weiser, Helen Smith, Keith Brunig, Lorene Bresler, Clarence Landes.

CLIMBING: Stan Hasek, Bob Gannon, Charla Eubanks, Bob Ashworth, Gary Kirk, Mark McLaughlin, Tom Taylor.

OUTING: Gene Sebring, Helen Smith, Dorothy Towlerton, Frank Moore.

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Mark McLaughlin, Donn Chase.

ENTERTAINMENT: Ray Cavagnaro, Gerry Fehly

LIBRARY: Gary Kirk.

MEMBERSHIP: Mary Jo Johannis.

PUBLICATIONS: Bob Medill, Mary Castelloe, Dorothy Towlerton, Nellie McWilliams, Vera Heidenreich, Robin Lodewick.

SCIENTIFIC & EDUCATION: Margaret Markley, Mary Douglass Stovall, Frank Sipe, Ruth Onthank.

CONSERVATION: Don Hunter, Karl Onthank, Ruth Onthank, Mark McLaughlin, Tom Taylor.

YOUTH: Bill Martyn.

BUILDING: Bob Medill, Mark Castelloe, Bob Dark, Mac McWilliams, Gene Sebring, Ray Sims.

The first named in each case is chairman.

CHANGE OF DATE: Obsidian night at Friendly House November 18 instead of the 25th as orginally planned. NOVEMBER only.

BOARD MEETING: Bills read and allowed; EWEB $26.20; Tax $310.84; Mishlers, mimeo supplies, $9.73; Postage, $22.00.

A letter was read from the Chemeketans asking us to take part in a discussion to be held in Salem at their headquarters to talk over the most recent plans for the establishment of the Jefferson Wild Area. This is to be attended by several outdoor clubs from the Northwest and is scheduled for the evening of November 15th.

Outing committee chairman says he wants to have the Summer Camp site question settled by New Years party time.

An invitation to come up and see them some time was read from Gene Renard. Lets all go. Gene guarantees he will lead us on a good hike on Oahu.

NOVEMBER 14th The Firesiders will again congregate at the Lodge for sitting, story telling and dancing. Maybe some eats.

Nov. 17 A Coast trip being engineered by Margaret Markley.

Nov. 24 Mt. Pisgah. This trip will be led by a gal that has something on almost all the women in Eugene and surrounding area, Thelma Watson.

Nov. 30 Saturday. He He Creek with Helen Smith. About ten years ago a big forest fire raged thruout this area.


Judy Radabaugh, 90 Oakleigh Lane
James Berkey, 190 East 37th
Louise Berkey, (Mrs. James)
Martha Berkey, Jr.
Gladys Asconeguy, Montevideo, Uruguay Temporarily 190 East 37th
Boyd Morgan, 105 Alberta
Luch Schattenkerk, Star Rt Box 16, Winston
Mrs Agnes Roth, Star Rt Box 220, Winston
Howard Byerly, P.O. Box 11, Days Creek
Cliff Tyler, 1191 Kalmi a St, Junction City
Paul Griffen, Jr. 28 66 Manor Dr. Spgfld.
Helen Hughes is now a Life Member.

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