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Feb. 13th. Wed. night, 7:30 Dance Night at the Lodge.

NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY will meet Friday February 15, at 8 p.m. 150 Science Bldg. University Campus. Adolph Murie, field Biologist with the National Park Service will give a program of slides and movies entitled, "Wildlife in Mt. McKinley National Park." Mr Murie is an authority on wildlife, and especially grizzlies and predators.

Feb. 17. Mel Jackson will lead us up in to the Coburg Caves area. Note article in board notes. This will give us a trip up there with a special interest to it.

Feb. 23. Sat. A snow trip into the Clear Lake area. Margaret Wiese, Leader.

Saturday, February 23rd. Big Pot-luck this night at 6:30. Don't miss this one Special! Games for everyone from 9 to 90. This is being engineered by Keith Brunig and Myrtle Smith, so it' s got to be good.

Feb. 25th. Obsidian picture night at the Friendly House at 8 p. m.


March 9. at the Lodge. This will be a pot-luck affair at 6:30. For further information on this call Ray Sims. 4-9546.

March 10. Sun. We go to Salem for a tour of the mental hospital and possibly other places. We will be led around on this trip by Merle and Blanche Bailey. Call Gene Sebring for leaving times and meeting place in Salem.

March 31. Sun. A tour of the proposed Emerald Crest Trail. With Margaret Markley


The first of March we come out with our new membership list. Will your name be on it? Not unless your dues are paid up. We certainly do not want to leave your name off.


Another flower identification class will be put on by the University Extension Division starting March 28, from 7 to 10 evenings. This will be for beginners as well as for advanced students. Fee is $18 and enrollment will be limited to 25. Frank Sipe will be instructor and for further information call either Frank or Mrs Dorothy Smith at the extension Div.


Prince Helfrich, of Vida, is offering members of outdoor clubs of this area the opportunity of running the John Day River with him on a 5 day trip beginning June 10th. The party will put in at Clarno and take out at Cottonwood Bridge, a Distance of about 70 miles. Those owning suitable boats, rubber rafts, fold boats, etc, may use them. For others the trip will be made on large rubber rafts, or Salmon River sledges, piloted by guides. Food and a cook will be furnished.

The cost will be about $60. Less if you have your own boat. Drivers for car shuttle service will be arranged for. He would like to have 30 to 40 people.

Reservations should be made by April 1. A small deposit is required at time of reservation.

The John Day canyon contains a great deal of biological, geological, and archaeological interest. This is a superb opportunity to run this wilderness type river with this famous river guide and outdoorsman.

For further information call or write Margaret Markley, DI 4-0716, 1967 Adams st, Eugene.

MORESCO next meeting will be at the Marion Hotel in Salem April 20th.

RUMMAGE Co-operate with the Rummage Committee by calling 6-2908 for collection. Rummage sale is May 25th. Rummage is being collected and stored at the Lodge.

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